‘Malta is a Mediterranean island chain, sitting around 90km West of the Italian island of Sicily…’

If the islands feature in your travel plans, here are 5 things you need to know before travelling to Malta


Maltese people drive on the left hand side of the road, unlike many other European nations. So if you’re British and thinking about hiring a car, it’s a bit easier to get around than you think.

However, they do tend to drive very quickly on the islands, so even crossing the road can be…exciting at times.


Maltese sockets are the same as in the UK, so no conversions or European plugs are necessary.  That should save you a teeny bit of room in your case.  Score!


Malta has a pretty temperate climate all year round. We visited at the end of January and were happily wandering the streets in thin jumpers while the locals were in jackets and hats.

It does get very chilly at night in the winter, though, so a jacket will come in handy in the evening.

More than one island

Malta isn’t just the largest island of the same name. There are 21 islands making up the Maltese archipelago and Gozo and Comino are the most visited of the smaller islands.

Both are easy to access via a short ferry ride and crossings are frequent, even in the of season.


Malta is a dual language nation; speaking both Maltese and English. The islands were once part of the British empire, but they gained their independence in the 1960s.

You will hear a LOT of English accents on the islands, but there are very few English bars. Which is nice because who wants to leave the UK and end up being surrounded by everything that’s British? Exactly.

Do you have any other things you need to know before travelling to Malta?


Suz xx