‘I’m a fan of being comfortable when I fly.  I’m talking sweat pants and a t-shirt or leggings and a jumper.  I dress like way because it’s deemed socially unacceptable for me to rock up to Manchester Airport in my jammies.  That is, until now…’

Yes, my comfort-seeking frequent flyers, the day has come when it has become not only acceptable but, dare I say, even fashionable to wander around the Duty-Free, being sprayed with migraine-inducing perfume by a random stranger, in a onesie.  And not your average Dalmatian onesie, either  (yes, I own a doggo onesie…), but rather a chic, inflatable onesie, designed specifically for your flying pleasure.

This isn’t the travel onesie, I just really like it.

Norwegian design…

The new ‘ultimate travel apparel’ is the brain-child of Norwegian brand Onepiece.  The company, based in Oslo and specialises in clothing for slackers.  I’m not kidding; they sell nothing but quality onesies.  If you, like me, thought there was really only one kind of onesie, then you’re very, very wrong.  In addition to the general range of run-of-the-mill, boring onesies, the company has recently launched the Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit. 

To be honest, the words ‘inflatable’ makes me think of looking like the Michelin Man, trying to squeeze into line at the luggage carousel and, I admit, this put me off slightly.  However, it pales in comparison to the use of the word ‘jumpsuit’.  How did that get past the marketing department??

In fairness, if I did end up having to jump in my suit, I would prefer it to be inflatable, so there’s that.  Anyway…

Design features…

The jumpsuit/onesie/garment in question has 15 flying-friendly features. These include an inflatable neck pillow, a fully inflatable hood, huge internal pockets (for sweets you’ve nicked from the lounge, I assume), detachable pockets, which can be placed in a tray at security, and a snooze mask for blocking out that pesky light from plane windows.

For long haul flights, I carry a separate pillow, so the thought of not having this additional baggage sounds ideal.  Also, being able to inflate everything around my neck and then pull a flap down over my eyes means people would be far less inclined to chat. As an introvert, I’m all for this.

Design flaws…

As it is with everything in life, nothing’s perfect.  I have many, many years’ experience wearing a onesie (for research purposes, obviously) and find that visiting the loo can be an actual nightmare.  This is barely acceptable in the comfort of your own home, but having the top half of your onesie dragging on the floor in an airport bathroom is a whole other level of OMGDISGUSTING.

I imagine trying to negotiate this on a plane would be an interesting foray into the world of contortionism. My advice?  Either take up yoga before you go or don’t have anything to drink during your flight.

Although the whole toilet issue has been considered with the inclusion of a ‘rear exit zipper’, this isn’t always workable for women.  Also, the thought of getting the rear exit zipper wet isn’t something that appeals to me.  Like, at ALL.

A fainting risk…

My other concern about the onesie (sorry, the JUMPSUIT) would be overheating on the plane.  I recently collapsed during a flight to Malta (a horribly embarrassing experience I never wish to repeat and one which caused cardiac arrest in the poor Dutch bloke sat next to me). This was partially down to feeling a bit under the weather with flu, but also due to the sheer heat on the aircraft.  The air-con on flights isn’t exactly the best, so wearing a big fleecy onesie might not be as wonderful as you think. Trying to be ultra comfy might result in you walking down the steps at your chosen location as a hot, sweaty mess.  Or, worse still, being carried off as a hot, sweaty, unconscious mess.

Although I’m more than up for the *idea* of a travel onesie, I’m gonna stick with my sweat pants for a little bit longer.

What do you think? Yay or Nah?


Suz xx