‘Travel Bug is currently visiting the beautiful nation of Austria. When his humans weren’t looking, he set off to uncover 3 fascinating facts about Feldkirch…’

Border Town

Feldkirch sits on the River Rhine and has a tripoint at its most western edge. Travel Bug didn’t know what this meant, so he asked his humans. As it turns out, this is the point at which Austria meets with Liechtenstein and Switzerland.  Travel Bug thought this was very cool. His town in Wales only joins with another town in Wales…


Feldkirch is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Austria and is largely unchanged since the 1500s. Because of this, it’s protected by the Hague Convention under the Austrian List of Cultural Heritage.  Travel Bug thought it was very pretty and he’s glad that no one can change it.

Palais Liechtenstein?

Feldkirch has a building, which was built for Johann Adam Andreas of Liechtenstein.  Travel Bug was a bit confused by this because he knows that Liechtenstein is just next door to Feldkirch.  He didn’t realise, though, at the time the home was built, Liechtenstein wasn’t a nation yet.


Do you have any other fascinating facts about Feldkirch to share with Travel Bug?


TB xx