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‘Snowdonia National Park attracts around 4.27million visitors each year and a high percentage of these visitors come for camping, hiking, cycling, walking: basically any outdoor activity…’

The rolling hills, the snow-capped peak of Snowdon and the extensive open spaces makes this part of North Wales a mecca for camping and caravanning.  

While camping has a romantic element of sitting on a desolate hillside gazing at the stars when it comes down to it, most of us like the idea of camping but not the physical exertion of fighting to pitch a tent. On a cold, wet Welsh evening, when all you want to do it get your fire started and get some sausages going, the last thing you need is to be figuring out why you seem to be one tent peg short.

And even when all the unpacking, pitching, hammering and inflating is over, you know it’s only a few short hours before you need to do the whole thing again to put all your gear back in the car and head off on your next adventure. I love camping, but I detest the sheer amount of work that goes into doing it. Also, I’m not a huge fan of Things That Crawl On The Ground, so lying on that ground is something that makes me slightly anxious.

Luckily for me, and all the other creepy crawly hating, inept tent erecting women of the world (well, North Wales for this particular woman…) there is a solution.  Yes, people, no longer do we have to lie among the spiders or pitch a tent, only to realise that it’s exceptionally squint and won’t make it through the night without collapsing around our ears. Now, we can camp in luxury – above ground luxury, might I add – with the Hard shell car roof tent from TentBox.  

With your car, a couple of roof bars and this bad boy, the days of lying on the cold, hard ground and spending an hour putting up a tent will be the thing of memories (or nightmares, in my case). This durable two-person fibreglass tent box literally attaches itself to two crossbars on your car roof and weighs only 64.5kg. It even comes with a ladder to get you up there and a memory foam mattress.  Memory. Foam. These are my two favourite words after Red and Wine.

The hard shell sleeps two, is easy to affix to your car and fits most makes and models. If that wasn’t enough, the views from the top of your car are way better than the views of the stray sheep you have from the ground in that field. In saying that, the best thing about the hard shell TentBox is rocking up to an official campsite. I now sit, drinking wine and watching some other poor sod trying to pitch their tent while I have nothing else to do but enjoy the scenery and not think about how many worms are beneath that thin layer of canvas…

It’s the perfect camping hack.


Suz xx

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Hi, I'm Suz. I love travelling (obvs..), dogs, shoes and wine, although not necessarily in that order. I''m a full-time introvert and part-time traveller and live with my husband in Snowdonia, North Wales.

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