‘Although I tend to travel a lot, sometimes, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get from being at home…’

Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve taken design inspiration from a range of destinations I’ve been lucky enough to experience.  Whether it’s decorating my bedroom like a country house in the Scottish Highlands, the colours in my kitchen reminding me of the Airbnb apartment we stayed in on a trip to Marrakech, or my garden looking like the Japanese inspired design of Dusseldorf’s Nordpark, I love the fact that I can bring a bit of wherever I’ve been back home. Sometimes, it can simply be a colour theme that marks the change, but it can also involve a bit of work, depending on what kind of adaptations you’re looking for.

However, getting your home to look exactly the way you want it is always a smart investment. After all, no one likes arriving back home after a 12-hour overnight flight and dreading opening their front door – particularly if you live in a rural area, like me, and might have unwelcome guests. If this is you, check out https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/wisconsin/ for some help.  Finding the balance between being on the road and being at home is pretty important.

As much as I love travelling the world, being at home comes with the instant safety and security that familiar surroundings evoke.  Having a space that’s your own, that you feel comfortable in, and enjoy spending time in is key to being able to write effectively, too. For me, my favourite zone at home is my conservatory. I can sit on a sunny or dull day and gaze out at the natural scenery of Snowdonia National Park and find inspiration, quite literally, in my own back yard.

As I need to work to fund my adventures, I spend a lot of time in my house, writing, pitching and editing. I can think of nothing worse than hating the space I do that in. So, although I like to use my salary for travel, it’s always been of equal importance to me to also ensure my home is my little sanctuary.

Maintaining and improving that home means I enjoy spending time there, instead of always wishing I was halfway across the world.  In order to get that feeling of serenity and to exploit the beautiful natural rolling hills and sea views at home, large picture windows and a conservatory were a must for me. It seems odd to me to live in such a beautiful environment and not be able to see as much of it as possible from the comfort of my home – armed with a cup of coffee, naturally.  

If you, like me, want to make the most of your own surroundings, click here to get some inspiration on a range of conservatories, windows, doors and custom designs, made specifically for you.  As well as home improvements ideas, the fixtures and fittings are designed to merge in with and complement your surroundings. For me, that’s all about the views. Whether you’re a city slicker or a country dweller, there’s something on offer to enhance and improve your home and transform it for the better.


Suz xx