‘Most of us would love to go on safari. How amazing would it be to see in real life what’s usually restricted to views of the wildlife documentaries on our TV screens…

We’ve all seen lions creeping up behind prey in the Masai Mara and elephants plodding along through the reserves. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have considered how much of a chance you might be willing to take in order to pet a baby cheetah because OMG CUTE KITTIES.

Getting the chance to experience these things in the flesh (not the cheetah petting as I don’t think it’s recommended) isn’t quite as hard as you might think. The sheer range of safaris on offer these days can truly give you the opportunity to experience the very best of Kenya on a timetable that is suitable for you and your party.

Safaris to Kenya are easy to arrange, with a simple booking and payment required from you and then everything else taken care of by a team of specialists. The sheer range will blow your mind and you can choose from different lengths of trips, from what you want to see most (those baby cheetahs, maybe??), a particular location and a range of accommodation choices.

Kenya is home to an astounding 54 animal sanctuaries. They have a passion for preserving their native wildlife and ensuring it can thrive in a natural environment. On top of that, it has a further 29 National Reserves, teeming with life. Not only does it offer the chance to get close to some of the world’s largest animals (as well as the really scary ones) but the scenery is also something to enjoy all on its own.

There’s also no need to assume that Safaris need to be a two week deal. There are options to do anything from 4 days to 14 with a set trip, or you can tailor your own. It’s also no longer the case that prices are extortionate. For a four day safari, staying in camping accommodation and including all your meals, guides and transportation, you can pay just $450.

Alternatively, if you want to make your safari the trip of a lifetime, you can go the whole hog. Spend two weeks touring game reserves and sanctuaries while flopping out at the end of each day in some of the most incredible luxury properties.

But Kenya isn’t just all about the safari. The nation has a plethora of other tourists attractions. As the nation’s east coast lies along the Indian Ocean, there’s a great beach culture, while walking and hiking opportunities are plentiful and can be done in iconic places, such as the Menengai Crater. For coffee lovers, you can even take a trip to the huge plantations in the Kenyan Highlands and make your own unique blend.

Regardless of your preferences, you’re sure to find a tour to fit your needs and countless other things to see and do throughout Kenya. And once you’ve taken the dive and done it once, it’s highly likely you’ll keep going back…

Suz xx