The journey of your luggage at an airport

‘How many times have you been at an airport, dropped your luggage at the check-in desk and simply strolled around the airport until your flight was ready for boarding?…’

While you are recharging your batteries or walking around, the bag you’ve just checked in is, in fact, going on its very own adventure. Caught your attention?

At Aviation Spares and Repairs we supply an extensive selection of ground support equipment to many businesses within the aviation industry and have done so for over 25 years. Within that time, we’ve managed to gain a significant amount of knowledge about what happens to a passenger’s luggage at the airport. Continue reading to know more about this process.

It all starts when you hand-in your luggage to the staff member at the check-in desk, who will attach a baggage tag to your luggage and place it on a conveyor belt. This tag has its own distinctive ten-digit barcode which features all your flight information, including destination, stopover cities and other important information to ensure that your luggage will safely arrive at the airport of your destination. Then, your luggage will enter the baggage handling system, which will scan the barcode on the tag, making sure your luggage is routed in the right direction.

The journey of your luggage at an airport

Mystery Nine published a video showcasing real footage of the journey of luggage through an airport and the baggage handling system. This video shows different pieces of luggage going through various rows of conveyors belts, turning left and right and even upside down. It truly resembles a roller coaster ride. So, while you are at the airport, your bag is having the time of their “life”.

The Sun reports that following this journey, luggage goes through x-ray machines and other security machines to ensure they don’t contain illegal objects. Then, bags end up in a collection area where they are scanned once more by a baggage handler.

Then, your luggage will be loaded onto a baggage cart which will take it closer to the aeroplane you’ll soon be boarding. Perhaps you’ve already seen this part of the process while boarding your flight and looking out the window. Airport operators can be seen placing your luggage on an aircraft belt loader, which will help load and unload luggage to and from the aircraft.

After you’ve safely landed, the airport operators will take your luggage to another baggage handling system, which will deliver your luggage onto a circular carousel where you’ll be expecting your bags to appear. And then, that’s it! Grab your luggage and enjoy your own adventure.

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The journey of your luggage at an airport


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