Biking in France? Ouibike has you covered

‘Ouibike is the easiest solution for researching and reserving bikes online. Not only is it a simple process to reserve bikes but it is even simpler receiving your rental bikes because we deliver them right to your doorstep!…’

An innovative concept which allows consumers to rent a bike without the hassle of planning out all the logistics. In addition, our customers can follow one of many travel itineraries provided upon booking to enjoy a tour of their destination stress-free. This service is appreciated and used by many tourists from different countries across Europe, 30% of all bookings come from tourists originating from, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

biking in france? Ouibike has you covered


Launched only two years ago, Ouibike has already developed into a large network connecting over 300 local bike rental shops around France. This multi-lingual platform is aiding develop the bicycle tourism industry and is providing great opportunities for the bike rental shops they partner with. The service is currently deployed in numerous regions in France. Ouibike was founded in Bretagne and has already covered all cities in this region. The platform is growing fast to cover all cities in the different regions around France.


At, anyone travelling or living in France can reserve a bike of their choice on the dates of their choosing, and have the option to appoint an address where they would like the bike delivered or they could pick it up from one of our rental locations. The last step in the rental process is to complete the booking by going through a secure checkout process.

Bikes for the whole family can be dropped off at your home, a hotel or any other location of your choice. Once you are finished up with the rental, we pick the bikes back up from the same location as the drop-off point. Ouibike gives consumers the convenience of saving time and energy in the booking process, which then allows them to fully enjoy their holidays! Ouibike provides bike rentals for individuals and groups of up to 200 bikes. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a school outing or a bachelor party, everyone can benefit from the advice and support of passionate local professionals to help plan their group outing without worrying about the logistics.


Ouibike fits in perfectly with the “slow tourism” industry, connecting small local bike shops to get a piece of the large tourism industry in France. Booking with Ouibike allows users to surround themselves by nature and recharge, they are privileged to be using one of the most environmentally-friendly modes of transportation while supporting the local economy.

With more than 15 000 bikes rented out in 2018 and a very promising start to 2019, Ouibike is on its way to becoming the first thought on people’s mind when looking for bike rental in France.

Our Mission: “A bike where you want it, when you want it!”


Suz xx


Thanks to Ouibike for today’s post. This is NOT a sponsored post.

biking in france? Ouibike has you covered




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