‘I adore visiting towns with unusual names or claims to fame when road tripping across the US. Over the past 20 years, I’ve managed to find a few to amuse me. From a Las Vegas and Truth or Consequences in New Mexico to the extremely enticing Hot Coffee in Mississippi, I regularly keep my eye on the map on the lookout for more…’

As it turns out, the town of Hell in Michigan, which already has a fabulous name, has recently been bought over by a YouTube vlogger and renamed Gay Hell. It’s hard to believe anyone could have improved on the original, but it just happened.

Elijah Daniel, now the Mayor of Gay Hell, is protesting the banning of the LGBTQ flag at US Embassies by current President, and huge supporter of straight white people, Donald ‘Pussy Grabber’ Trump.  For reasons that can only be attributed to caring less about anyone but himself and his conservative supporters, Trump has decided the Rainbow Flag flying at their buildings across the globe will result in making people gay.* And, let’s face it, that’s just not right. Conversion therapy for everyone!

Not only can you fly the Pride flag with, well…pride in Gay Hell, but you can also get married there. Once you get hitched, you can sidle on up to the Hell Saloon for a toast and a first dance. Even if Elijah doesn’t turn up to wish you well, the townsfolk certainly seem to have a great sense of humour, so there’s bound to be a warm welcome in Hell (see what I did there?)

It’s likely the name change won’t stick for too long and the new Mayor has spoken of banning heterosexuals, which might just break my heart. I might apply for a temporary visa and see how it goes. Gay Hell sounds like it might just be my kind of place.

To find out more about Hell, Michigan, check out their website HERE.


Suz xx


*I don’t actually think he said this, but Mike Pompeo’s bound to be thinking it when he said ‘it was the right decision…’