‘Travel Bug and his humans flew to Kiev and have been ‘sploring the Ukrainian capital city for interesting stuffs. These are Travel Bug’s fascinating facts about Kiev…’

Motherland Monument (Rodina Mat)

The incredible Motherland Monument, which is part of the National Museum of Ukrainian History, is 335ft tall. It’s higher than the Statue of Liberty in Manhattan and Christ the Redeemer in Rio! it was much higher than Travel Bug as he’s not even 1ft.

The Motherland Monument is also the only non-war monument to still show Soviet symbolism.  A law in Ukraine banned communist symbols from being displayed in the city.

Parkovy Bridge

The Parkovy Bridge crossing the Dnieper River is the longest pedestrian bridge in Europe. It spans the river and is 427m long and 7m wide. It was built in 1957 and connects the park area of the city to the central island of Trukhaniv. Travel Bug saw that the islands in the middle had beaches on them but he was still too lazy to walk across the bridge to get to them.

Arsenalna Metro

Kiev has a fabulous network of metro systems with some of the most beautiful stations we (me and my hoomans…) have ever seen.  However, not satisfied with having pretty stations, they’ve also got the deepest station in the world. At a staggering 105 metres below ground, Arsenalna metro station’s escalators take more than 5 minutes to deliver you from the street outside to the platform below.

By comparison, St Petersburg’s metro station is a mere 86 metres deep, while Hampsted in London is only 58.5 metres.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Kiev to share with the Travel Bug?



TTB xx