What I Watched in June

‘June has been an educational month down at Casa Tam. As I continue my usual true crime related TV programmes, Les and I have also been tuning into some pretty horrendous documentaries.  This is the best of what I watched in June…’



I swithered about putting this on the list as we actually only watched the first episode.  We decided not to watch any more until we’d returned from our real life trip to the site.  I’d already finished the book ‘Midnight in Chernobyl’, so I felt I had a good grasp of the events before and after the accident.

I really enjoyed the episode and Les did, too.  We’ll probably watch the rest of it now we’ve seen the aftermath with our own eyes.

Network: HBO

City 40

After reading about Chernobyl and researching it for our trip, I came across this documentary about a closed Russian city called Ozersk. Ozersk does not allow foreign visitors (for years it didn’t even allow Russian ones) and, much like Prypiat, it was built to house workers from a nuclear power plant.

Despite not suffering from a Chernobyl-type accident, Ozersk’s radiation levels are actually far more dangerous as no effort has been made to stop them.  Waste from the plant is routinely dumped in the local river. In turn, the river is used to supply drinking water for the city.

The documentary follows a local human rights lawyer, born and raised in Ozersk, in her fight to get justice for the residents. You can imagine how well it goes. I spent a good deal of time saying ‘holy sh1t!’ while watching.

Network: Netflix


Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, people, I’m currently obsessed with all things radioactive at the moment. Hiroshima is a two part series detailing the events of the nuclear bomb drop on the Japanese city. It gives an account from the American servicemen who flew the mission as well as people who survived on the ground. It’s nothing short of jaw dropping.

Hearing the tales of survival is mind blowing but the testimony of the Enola Gay’s pilot was shocking. He appears to still be angry about the mission – not about dropping the bomb – but about having to justify his actions. He has no remorse, or at least none that he shows, while his colleagues at least have an understanding of what they did, even if they were following orders and doing their jobs.

Network: Netflix


It wouldn’t be too dramatic to say that I LOVE this show. I love the drama, the shooting and blasting, the Spanish language and, most of all, I love Pedro Pascal playing Javier Pena. I’m not ashamed to admit I speak to Javi while he’s working.  I give him encouragement when he’s trying to take down the Cali cartel and shout at him when I think he’s in danger.  I like to think I’ve kept him alive this far and, for that, he’s absolutely welcome.

The show, based around true events in the DEAs mission to capture Pablo Escobar (Season 1-2) and then the Cali cartel (Season 3), is a constant game of cat and mouse. It’s full of corrupt cops and politicians, snitches, and pretty Texan DEA Agents…

Triple Frontier

When I read the synopsis for this new Netflix original movie and discovered it was about stealing money from a drug cartel, I put it on my watch list and scrolled past. A few days later, I studied the front cover, looked past Ben Affleck, realised Pedro Pascal from Narcos was in it, and immediately forced Les to watch it with me.

Affleck, Pascal and their army friends decide to steal millions from a drug kingpin after realising they’ve spent the best years of their lives chasing bad guys without anything to show for it. They make their plans, do all their prep and it all goes horribly wrong. The film has a few good twists and turns and it didn’t pan out at all how I thought it would, which always makes me happy.

Network: Netflix

What did you watch in June?


Suz xx



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