How I Planned Luxury Group Tours to India

‘I have been to many corporate tours and many times indulged in solo travelling, but this was the first time when we were up for private small group tour in India…’


Why India for the luxury trip?

India is the 7th largest country surrounded by three oceans and enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. The second largest populated country is a beautiful amalgamation of traditional culture tied down with modern beliefs and enthusiasm. The world-class infrastructure, the diversified geographical and cultural distribution and affordable prices make it popular among tourists planning small group tours to India from the UK or small group guided tours to India from Australia or New Zealand.


How I Planned Escorted Luxury Group tours to India

The purpose of flying down to India for 15 days was to spend some gala time in luxury and enjoy the diversified culture and serenity of the land.

But, planning for a holiday nowadays is delving every petty detail and leaving no stone unturned so that you could scrimp some extra dollars into your pocket.

Scheduling the dates, dealing with volatile airfare, bookings, choosing the perfect and comfortable location of stay, guides, cabs,  shopping and many more petty chores will keep you hustling till the day of your departure. By the time you leave for the holiday, you are burnout!!!

The ideal way to unshackle from this burden is to choose the best tour operator who becomes the wingman, willingly taking the responsibility to serve best from all the arena of travelling.

We expected lavish stay during the entire trip, bountiful hospitality, prompt and dedicated drop and pickups, personal guide or assistance, 24 hours telephonic assistance and someone who can escort us can ensure safety, comfort, enjoyment for the next 15 days on foreign land with all our expectations and desires.

We realise that there are many tour operators who organise luxury small group throughout the year. Weather being summers, winters, monsoon or month be January, July, October or March, every nook from Northern India to southern India are filled with the vanity of leisure, adventure, romance, meditation and enrichment. In my pursuit to find the best luxury small group tours to India, I initiated my research.

While scrolling down on Trip Advisor page, my eyes confiscated on word Leisure. Leisure India Holiday is a travelling company of India that operates tours and packages to explore India in luxury.

luxury tour packages india(I love the painted wall, the alluring invite. Yes, Alice is on her way to la la land….)

They operate many popular packages like luxury India tours, golden triangle tour, incredible tour, Tiger safari tour, Romantic destination tour and many more.

The travel company plans a customised trip for a small group, large group, corporate group, solo travellers, senior citizen. The tour company boost in providing experience with a comfortable stay and dedicated assistance throughout the trip.

Reviews for escorted luxury Small group tour

tour reviewer

“The review of one of their regular guests from Cairns, Australia was that when she decided on the third trip to India, she did not hesitate to call upon the services of Leisure India Holidays once again. The owner Himanshu Mendiratta and his wife Anisha personally with the rest of the team took great care to organize a wonderful 4 week holiday for them to explore some incredible places of India in a luxurious way. “

Escorted tailor-made tour

The travelling company organized and plan everything online after taking suggestion and expectation from their guest( I want to suggest and plan according to my way😚)

LIH escorted them to the entire trip and being with the guest for 24/7. The courteous staff even made an attempt to communicate in the guest language😁.

When she suggested her itinerary, the plan after that went according to her ( point scorer remark)

Visited the Offbeat Destinations

3(Chand Baori at Bandikui..looks interesting in pictures posted by the guest).

They travelled to lesser-visited cities in Rajasthan and Punjab, including Jaipur, New Delhi, Ambala, Amritsar, Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Mandawa, Nagaur, Khimsar, Ajmer, Bundi and then returned to Jaipur. ( Hush, too many places to visit… I wonder it must have been tiring for them).🤔

Luxurious Stay

Then she says they stayed at luxurious heritage properties like a palace( Again a point scorer)🤗and some days in modern hotels which were luxurious as well as lighter on the pocket(2 brownies for LIH to this remark)🍪🍪.

She mentioned the heritage hotels in Bikaner, Mandawa, and Bundi were outstanding.( Never heard of them…are they taking us to the moon?😍😍😍

Cheap and in budget tour

They were satisfied with the total amount spent on the tour. ( I want this look of satisfaction on my husband face…and for this LIH will earn 5 brownies from my side.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Transparent payment system

The payment method was transparent and clear. (Earn a point for the trust they build at the initial stage itself )

Fifty per cent deposit was paid by direct deposit from the guest bank account to LIH account to secure hotels and the car and driver, and the remaining amount can be paid on arrival. The guest chooses to pay by direct deposit one week prior to their arrival in India to avoid extra fees.

Professional and humble tour guide

luxury tour to india from australia

(she even shared his picture)

The lady also mentioned the driver with his name who went above and beyond to provide them with an interesting and fun experience. She says he was a good driver with safe driving skills and was attentive to their needs (Umesh Luta, the driver score a point )

The guest was so impressed by the driver knowledge about culture, agriculture, local politics and history that he was Google for them during the trip😁. He seems to be a nice chap.

He was also instructed to go that extra mile on a guest request to explore more areas and enjoy the journey according to their way.( Tailor made is in fashion, a point for this too)🤗

Local guides were provided in the cities for sightseeing.

Friendly Relation with Guest

small group luxury tour india

(i loved the happy faces)

This was her third trip with Leisure India holidays and she did not hesitate for a moment in signing up with them. (This kind of relation should be made with your clients. The right attitude of work earns them one more big point👏👏 for LIH.)

Another review for LIH escorted luxury small group India Tour


Then there was another review from their guest from London. Who has just returned from a 19-day tour organised by LIH? He initially approached them because they had organised a business conference and he was impressed by their efficiency. ( they have regular guest hmm. I might be the one among the list.)

Golden triangle tour, Tiger Safari, Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and many more locations on their trip.

They initially proposed an itinerary but worked with them to customise the trip and ended up with New Delhi – Lucknow – Varanasi – Agra – Jaipur – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Mumbai – New Delhi in 19 days.(Awesome!!! I will ask them to fly me to south India and also Take me for Tiger safari.i am sure they will plan it for me)

luxury private tour packages india

(wow !! such a romantic place)

Handling all the necessary processes of the trip for their guest

They did everything including booking the flights and arranging drivers and guides. ( I won’t mind to pay them for such hustles🤗)


The guest made a couple of minor changes to the itinerary which were spontaneously executed willingly. (This is hospitality 🎖).

For their Agra – Udaipur segment they had their driver Ashok Saini who was an absolute delight and took them to some offbeat places on approval to delight the guests(Even he remembered driver name..they must be really courteous.)🙏

The guest mentioned that this holiday was of a lifetime and would not hesitate in recommending them to another who wants to experience India in luxury.

He thanked the owner’s wife when he met her in Jaipur, on organising trip which he enjoyed to the fullest as compared to other and promised to return again to see another part of the country with them.

And from here I was certain that I am going to plan my private small group Luxury India trip with leisure India holiday tours and ensure to have a best-escorted journey to explore India in a luxurious and majestic way.





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