‘When I was little, I used to adore scrapbooking and compiling memories of things I’d done and places I’d been…’

Now that I’m an adult (mostly), I still have a fondness for it but now I like to do it digitally instead of with my old book, scissors and glue. The prospect of being able to keep a digital scrapbook of my travels, or having a great backdrop to sit my photos or tickets on is something that makes me a happy woman.

Although the concept can seem a little foreign at first – particularly to those of us who recall the old methods – once you get started, it’s kinda difficult to stop.  I can download a range of themes in seconds and create a gorgeous photo frame for my lounge, filled with colours and designs to suit me. With a massive range of designs to choose from, it’s not just travel that’s well covered. There are literally designs for anything you can think of and the quality is impressive. Not only that, but the price makes the hobby a pretty inexpensive but very fun way to be creative around your home or with your possessions.

While my focus is on digital scrapbook designs that have  travel theme, I’m pretty much drawn to anything with pretty colours that makes an eye catching background. I love the way that more and more themes and designs are constantly being released and this makes sure that you’re never short of something new to feast your eyes on. It also helps to keep everything fresh and up to date. In a digital world, this is key. The latest digital scrapbook designs I’ve purchased have been a collection of plaid patterns. In Scotland, we call that tartan, and it’s the perfect backdrop for my recent adventures island hopping across the Scottish Outer Hebrides and Western Isles.  I simply set up an account on Design Bundles and spend many a happy hour scrolling through the latest designs, selecting what fits best with where I’ve recently been travelling.

Purchasing is a breeze and the discounts are hefty. My current favourite is the Vintage Maps design, which makes me think of buried treasure and will look fantastic framed and mounted on a wall at home. The Van Gogh collection might not exactly fit in with any of my travels, but it’s just so pretty that I’ll likely have to buy it regardless, just because the paintings are so beautiful.

On the Design Bundles website, you can get a close up look before you buy and also see how may times other customers have recommended or ‘liked’ the products. This gives you a pretty good idea of how popular certain themes are. You’re also not restricted to any specific thing to do to with your products once you purchase them. You can use them for phone covers, gift wrap, transferring them to fabrics and, really, anything else you set your heart on. You can also buy gift cards for the site and let your nearest and dearest indulge in a new hobby. Be careful, though. Once you start them, there’ll be no stopping them.


Suz xx