‘Travel Bug has a special place in his heart for Portugal because one of his first trips was to Lisbon! This was the city that sparked his love of travelling and these are his 3 Fascinating Facts about Lisbon…’


Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe. It’s even older than TB’s human Mum and she’s 40! He hopes she gets to be as old as Lisbon, but he reckons she drinks a too much wine for that…


Lisbon is the only European capital to sit on a river AND a sea. The Tagus River splits areas of Lisbon and feeds directly into the Atlantic Ocean, which encircles the coastal city. Travel Bug isn’t allowed to get wet, so he decided he probably shouldn’t swim in either.


The Pastel de Nata is one of Portugal’s most famous (and tastiest) pastries. It’s made of puff pastry and custard, but only three people know the original recipe! The pastries are produced at a bakery in Belem, but what happens there is a closely guarded secret…

Travel Bug prefers carne to cakes, but his human Dad was very keen to work out what all the ingredients were.

Do you have any more Fascinating facts about Lisbon to share with the Travel Bug?


TTB xx