There’s More Than One Way To Take a Cruise Holiday

‘Cruise holidays are one of the most popular ways to travel the world over. And with the variety of cruise experiences available, it’s easy to see why…’

Taking a cruise allows you to visit and explore multiple locations, travel in luxury, make new friends, enjoy on-board facilities, and keep the kids entertained, all without the stress of trains, planes and automobiles.  

But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to work out which cruise vacation will be right for you and your family. 

So whether you’re looking for exotic luxury, family entertainment or a short break, check out the list below for some of the best cruise holiday ideas. 

Cruise holiday

Fun For The Whole Family 

Not all cruises packages are designed for children. But on the flip side – some cruise ships are kitted-out with everything a kid could ever dream of, and plenty to keep the adults happy too. 

So if you’re booking for a family, make sure you go with a kid-friendly cruise line. Look out for packages that include kids clubs, pools, cinemas, water-parks, onboard activities, family cabins and kids dining, all often available on newer cruise-liners which have been built for purpose. 

Cruise hoidays

Bigger ships tend to mean more space for families, and more room for activities that are gonna keep the kids busy. And if you’re looking for a no-flight holiday (no airports, no stress!), then your best bet might be a UK-based company providing cruises through Mediterranean locations such as France, Spain and Portugal. 

Adults Only 

Maybe being surrounded by children is the last thing you want for your relaxing vacation. Don’t worry – there are some great options for you too. 

Whether you’re travelling solo or escaping on honeymoon, you can opt for either an adult-only cruise, or look for a larger ship with child-free zones. But bear in mind that adult-only cruises do remain a niche market and are less common. 

P&O Cruises led the way for adult-only cruising and remain one of the most popular cruise lines for those looking to travel in a childfree environment. So it’s worth checking out a travel agent like Bolsover Cruise Club, who work closely with P&O.  

One of the many benefits of cruises aimed at the adult market is more usual destinations. Rather than visiting family hot-spots, you could enjoy Northern Europe’s cultural hotspots and breathtaking Scandinavian coastlines. 

Short Breaks

If you don’t want to commit to a full fortnight away from home, cruise ships like the Brittania, the Aurora, or the Ventura, offer shorter breaks from anything as little as two nights, or as much as five if you’re feeling adventurous.  

Perfect for a romantic weekend away or a breath of fresh air, these packages include trips to a number of European locations such as Belgium and Amsterdam, for a very affordable price. 

cruise holidays

This is a great way to visit a couple of different cities, take in the sites, and enjoy a relaxing journey, without having to hop on a plane. 

And there we have it! Whoever you’re travelling with and whatever you’re looking for, there’s a perfect cruise holiday out there for you. Use these ideas to get the ball rolling.


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