‘Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio, in the midwestern United States. It’s known for many things, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the beautiful West Side Market. However, it’s also got some pretty unusual sights.  This is some weird stuff to do in Cleveland…’

World’s Largest Rubber Stamp

It’s kinda hard to be disappointed with anything rubber stamp related, let’s be honest. Rubber stamp sight-seeing is definitely an unusual hobby, but a largely enjoyable endeavour. Cleveland has the stamp daddy of them all, as it’s home to the world’s largest rubber one.  I’m unsure how much competition they have in the category, but that’s beside the point.

The rubber stamp (also known as The Free Stamp, due to its lettering) is a brilliant piece of public art in Willard Park. It was designed by Claes Oldenburg and his wife, who was presumably called Mrs. Oldenburg. It’s wonderfully big and red, and definitely a local talking point.

courtesy of Ohio Magazine

World’s Largest Outdoor Chandelier

What could be better than the world’s largest rubber stamp, I hear you cry? Well, the simple answer is this: the world’s largest outdoor chandelier. Because why have one enormous world record breaking thing in your city when you can have two? Exactly.  Sitting pretty in the Playhouse Square Theater District is a wonderfully sparkly and rather expensive looking chandelier. The lighting apparatus in question has 4,200 crystals and is more than 20 feet tall.  People from Cleveland who get married, tell me you go here to get your photos taken? It seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. Fancy AF.

The Angel of Death Victorious

Lake View Cemetery is a beautiful spot in Cleveland, but the Angel of Death Victorious is really not. The bronze statue, also known as the Haserot Angel is, quite frankly, kinda creepy. The weeping angel sits over the grave of Francis Haserot and has been scaring the bejesus out of mourners since 1924. The angel, with wings spread, watches over the remains of the Haserot family. In its hands, it clutches a large torch. The flame end of which is on the ground.  It’s a pretty symbolic way to demonstrate that the fire has gone out on the lives buried there. Symbolic AND scary is quite the combination.

Do you know of any other weird stuff to do in Cleveland?  You can also check out our post on Omaha here.

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