First Time Visitors to Porto: 11 Essential Sights

‘Porto is famous for its bridges, port wine and wonderful culture. I recently spent a week there and decided to compile a list of 11 must-see sights in Porto for first time visitors…’

Porto has so much to offer visitors, whether you’re looking for adventure, culture, or just a few days unwinding in the City of Bridges. Regardless of your plans, there are few things that every first timer should experience. These are the 11 must-see sights in Porto for first time visitors.

11 Must-See Sights in Porto for First Time Visitors

Chill out on the river with a Port Tasting

On the banks of the Douro River, there are multiple port distilleries.  Each distillery is steeped in history and has a story to tell. Visitors can choose to pay for a tour of the facilities, or just do a little tasting.

You can purchase a single glass, like we did, or order several glasses from the tasting menu. There are numerous ranges available and I was surprised to see that they come in white as well as original red.

We ordered a mixture of white and red (because it would be rude not to…). The port was served with a plate of complimentary crackers.  We sat in the sun on the terrace of the distillery and watched the world go by. A little distance away, a busker played the best rendition of Despacito on his Spanish guitar. It was bliss.

Climb Torre de Clerigos

This iconic tower in the middle of town is the unofficial landmark of Porto.  It can be seen from so many places across the city. We were lucky enough to have an apartment in town with a balcony which overlooked it.  This meant Les had LOTS of time to get photos without having to drag me around the streets. Score!

The tower, which was renovated in 2014, stands at 75 metres high and has 225 stairs.  The viewpoint from the top is unrivalled and it provides a 360 degree view of the city.

11 Must-See Sights in Porto for First Time Visitors

Walk the Dom Luís 1 Bridge

Although Porto is known as the City of Bridges, the Dom Luís is by far the most iconic.

Crossing the Douro River, this massive structure has a lower deck for cars and other traffic and an upper level for pedestrians and trains.

The views afforded from walking along the top deck are superb. The views are fantastic by day and the lights are beautiful after sunset. Walking the Dom Luis Bridge is my number one pick for must-see sights in Porto for first-time visitors.

Check out the art at Sao Bento Station

Sao Bento is the main rail station is the centre of Porto and it’s a kind of art gallery in itself.

The vivid stories told across the intricate tile on the walls in the main waiting area are worth the visit, even if you have no plans to take a train anywhere

The station is compact, so there’s no labyrinth of ticket machines and stern guards to navigate in order to check out the walls.

Enjoy the views from the Funicular

The Guidais Funicular is a rather novel way to make the distance between Riberia and Porto city centre.

There are two cars on the line, each with the ability to hold 25 people.  Or maybe 15 really big ones; I’m not sure.  Anyway, the line stretches over 920ft and the ascent is pretty steep.  It’s a cheap way to travel and the scenery from the cable cars is well worth the fee.

Eat a Francesinha sandwich

The Francesinha sandwich is legendary in Porto.  It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, though. The sandwich is a change-up (read: improvement…) on the French croque monsieur.

The Francesinha comprises two door-stop sized slices of white bread and more meat than I’ve ever seen. Topped with egg and then smothered with cheese and served with a special sauce.

It’s so large that even Les had trouble with it. And he never has trouble finishing anything. The sandwiches are on menus all over the city and they’re magnificent.

11 Must-See Sights in Porto for First Time Visitors

Visit the staircase in Livaria Lello

This is by no means essential viewing unless you’re a Harry Potter fan or have a love of bookstores.  However, it is a pretty impressive staircase.

Livaria Lello is a central bookshop with a rather grand staircase.  It was, apparently, the inspiration for the staircase in Hogwart’s in the Harry Potter series.  This is mainly because JK Rowling lived in Porto before she wrote the record-breaking novels.

The bookstore is so popular with visitors that it now charges an entrance fee. The shop was right across the street from our apartment.  Every time we walked past, day or night, a long line of HP fans were patiently queuing outside.

Spend a quiet minute in Porto Cathedral

The Cathedral of Porto is a huge Romanesque Catholic church in the middle of the old town.  It is one of the oldest churches in Porto and by far the most iconic.

The church easily identifiable by its large towers and stunning rose window.  Built on the highest point in Porto, the cathedral is home to three red marble fonts.  Why they need three is beyond me, but that’s just the way it is.  Why have just one?

Take a Walk in Serralves Museum and Gardens

Serralves Park existed in Porto for many years as a private estate.  With the intention of turning it into a cultural space for the people of the city, it was purchased by the Portuguese government in 1986.

The park is that centre for agricultural excellence in the region, it offers many activities and events for the public to enjoy.  Once the park itself was established in 1986, work turned to develop a centre for contemporary art within the grounds.  The Serralves Museum was opened in 1996.

Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Cafe Majestic

This exclusive Art Nouveau cafe has been a fixture of Porto’s vibrant cafe scene since 1921.

Majestic is considered to be one of the most beautiful cafes in the world and is truly a Porto institution.  Visiting the establishment for afternoon tea or almond cake and a glass or port is a must when visiting the city.

Visit the Arab Room at Palacio de Bolsa

Built in the 19th Century, Bolsa Palace is classified as a historic landmark.  It’s located in the city centre, in Infante D Henrique Square.

The Palace is a national monument and is famous for its rather impressively lavish interior decoration. The Arab Room, which is decorated in a Moorish style, is the most exotic of the rooms. The sumptuous room is declared with brightly coloured mosaic tiles with gold edging and features beautiful round windows.

What are your must-see sights in Porto for first-time visitors?


Suz xx


11 Must-See Sights in Porto for First Time Visitors

must-see sights in porto for first time visitors

must-see sights in porto for first time visitors


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