Air Delay Compensation Claims

‘If you’ve travelled from any UK or European airport, there’s every chance you’ve experienced a flight delay. While it’s a frustrating and sometimes stressful experience, there are rules in place to ensure your rights are protected…’

flight delay compensation 

Denied Boarding Regulation

If any of your scheduled flights were delayed or cancelled, you may be able to claim compensation from the airline? EU Regulation 261 covers passengers travelling with European airlines, or within Europe.  The regulation is more commonly known as the Denied Boarding Regulation.  

The Denied Boarding Regulation covers you if you have a confirmed booking, you arrived and checked in on time, and you’re within the EU or on an EU based airline. 

You could also be entitled to up to 600 Euros if you arrive four or more hours late to your destination. If your flight is delayed for two hours, you can’t apply for monetary reimbursement. However, you are entitled to hotel accommodation, free food, refreshments, and phone calls. 

If you’re unfortunate enough to be delayed for more than five hours, or have your flight cancelled all together, you can ask to be refunded or rerouted by your airline. You also have six years to make your claim (five if you live in Scotland). You can get over the whole nightmare of dealing with getting to your destination before you have to put your energy into raising a compensation claim.  However, although you might think it sounds like a chore, it’s not as onerous as all that.

Air Delay

The good people at Air Delay have made it their mission to make the process of compensation claims as easy as possible. You can read all about circumstances and eligibility criteria you need to satisfy, as well as details on compensation for short, medium and long-haul delays. 

The amazing calculator on their website lets you type in the length of your delay, the date, the origin airport and the destination. From there, it will calculate what you might be entitled to. To make it even better, the service is free, so even if your claim isn’t successful, there’s literally nothing to lose. Even if you’re unsure about a claim, it’s well worth plugging in the relevant information and giving it a go. 

Terms and Conditions

If you submit a successful claim, the fee is 25% (plus VAT) of your total compensation claim award. If the claim isn’t successful, there’s no charge to you for any of the services. The average claim time takes between 9 to 12 weeks.  You will be kept up to date about the progress along the way.  You can also make contact with Air Delay at any time during the process. Basically, if you’ve experienced a delay of more than 3 hours, there’s absolutely no risk to logging on and giving it a go. You literally don’t have anything to lose!

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