‘If you happen to be lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding, conference or event – or are organising these for yourself – it’s good to know what your venue options are…’

It can be difficult to research all your options without spending endless hours slogging over your laptop and googling as many search terms as you can conjure up. Luckily, you no longer have to go down this route in order to find a plethora of great restaurants, conference centres and wedding venues. Square Meal offers a huge range of venues, which cater to every type of event or night out. Logging on to the website can give you easy access to spaces throughout the country, including specialised lists for Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester and London, to name a few.

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh Old Town

Not only can you interrogate the website, say for a London wedding venue, you can also check out restaurants in the area while you’re at it. The website also covers Christmas party venues, which is always a source of headaches for corporations and businesses across the UK at this time of year. With Square Meal, you can get an idea of sizes, availability, and photos of the space, all while still drinking coffee in your jammas in the morning. If you’re planning on organising an event, either privately or on behalf of your own company or employer, the site also gives you access to their database of caterers, team building experts and hospitality management companies. With just a few clicks, you can pretty much arrange any size of event, anywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsey, Central London

You don’t actually have to be arranging an event in order to get the best out of the information provided. The site can also provide you with a wealth of details on pubs, restaurants and bars. Even if you’re just looking for the perfect place to spend a weekend break or take your significant other for a nice chilled night out, there’s bound to be something to suit all tastes and budgets.

I used the site twice recently. Once was for two friends who were travelling over from Connecticut to my old home city of Edinburgh. They were on vacation for the wife’s 50th birthday and had two needs. One was to find a ‘castle’ to stay in overnight and the other was to find Scottish bars and restaurants for dinner and drinks along the Royal Mile area. I was able to draw on my own personal knowledge of the city but also pick up new suggestions on the most up to date venues. My other use of the site was personal in that I was attending a concert at Manchester Arena last Friday night. Not being familiar with Manchester, it was a great way to get a handle on what venues were around the MEN for dinner and drinks.

From the point of view of travellers coming to the UK, who have very limited knowledge of the larger cities, it’s gives them a great insight into what’s available.

Suz xx