‘Last week, for the first time in several months, I managed to drag my sorry carcass out jogging during my lunch break. Impressive, huh? Anyway, it made me realise just how many odd things I do when I’m out for a run. And, obviously, I felt the need to share…’

odd things i do when i'm out for a run
actual footage of me. Not really.

To be honest, half of my odd traits are because I’m introverted and socially awkward. The majority of them have very little to do with the exercise and everything to do with me being me. This is a sampling of the odd things I do when I’m out for a run.

Singing out loud

I love singing. Like I *really* love it and I sing pretty much all the time. Anyway, as I’m used to singing around the house and in my car, I think nothing of doing it when I’m running. This has proven to be slightly awkward. It’s fine when I’m in the village I live in as it’s teeny and I’m only really annoying Farmer John’s sheep.

When I do it on my lunch run, I tend to forget I’m in a much bigger town, with actual humans. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) how many people will turn and look at you when you inadvertently start singing along to the new Taylor Swift album as you run past them.

Refusing to stop until I reach a sign/landmark

While it’s common practice to set yourself a target to run to, it might not be that normal to point-blank refuse to stop until you reach it. While I’m sure some people will see it as a sign of dedication or some sort of fitness goal, it’s not. I’m just a very stubborn person who won’t admit defeat. It doesn’t matter if I’m in danger of actually coughing up a lung, I will NOT stop. This is a stupid trait and I am aware of it. Unfortunately, my head does its own thing and my legs just need to buckle down and accept it. It’s SO annoying but it is what it is.

Refusing to stop if I pass someone

Even if I’m in danger of collapse, I absolutely refuse to stop my run (even if I have to pass the landmark I was aiming for) if someone walks into my path. It seems I can’t bear to show any weakness. Even to a random passing stranger that I’ll likely never see again. This is fine at home as I don’t care if the sheep gossip about how lazy/unfit I am. And I know they do it from the way they side-eye me when I pass.

Anyway, in Mach, where I work, the town is a constant hub of people and passing traffic. I lost count of how many people I ran past the other day.  All the while, I was just desperate to get past them so I could stop and get my breath back. I’m absolutely certain they couldn’t care less – or possibly hadn’t even noticed I’d been there. But, still, I won’t stop.  For reasons unknown, I think if I’m seen walking when someone passes me, they’ll automatically think I’m a lazy pie.

Constantly pulling at my clothes

I own a wide range of running gear and all of it fits me. However, when I’m out, I rearrange and pull at it CONSTANTLY. This is mainly because I’m self-conscious but it’s a trait that drives me insane. I wear a stretchy vest, t-shirt and long sleeves training top and pull at every layer at least once a minute.

I actually started tucking in the vest I wear beneath my t-shirt at one point. This was to stop me continually pulling at it. It used to sit on my hips but it’s now so overstretched, it covers my backside. It honestly doesn’t matter what I wear, I will pull it around and rearrange it until I take it off. Why can’t I be like the other women I see when I’m out?? All together and without a care in the world??

Not going if I forget my headphones

I will happily go for a run, or engage in any exercise, as long as I have my headphones. I have, on numerous occasions, avoided going to the gym when I’ve arrived and realise I left my earbuds at home. There’s no way I could cope with going to the gym and feeling exposed. My headphones are the little security blanket. They allows me to do things I would normally be too introverted to consider. Also, it means I don’t have to talk to anyone, so there’s that.

What are your odd running habits?

Suz xx