‘Travel Bug recently touched down in Romania’s second-largest city for a little rest and relaxation. These are some of his fascinating facts about Cluj-Napoca…’

City of Art

One of the best fascinating facts about Cluj-Napoca Travel Bug uncovered was that The New York Times described the city as an ‘unexpected art world hothouse’.  TB thinks this is probably a compliment, although he’s not entirely sure. Cluj has many contemporary art facilities, including Plan B, Soimil Patriei and Banffy Palace. With a huge student population, the emerging talent in the city is making waves across Europe. Travel Bug thought some of the art he saw was even better than the drawings he makes for his humans’ fridge.

How Old is Cluj-Napoca??

Cluj-Napoca is 2,000 years old. Travel Bug thinks that’s probably older than the combined ages of his humans. And they’re, like, really old. Mind you, Travel Bug is only 5, so he thinks everyone’s old. Anyhoo, the Romans set up a citadel in what’s now the city centre all those years ago and that’s how Cluj was originally established. At one point, Cluj was one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire.

Traditional Food

As with many cities across the world, Cluj-Napoca has its very own dish. Varza a la Cluj is a kind of pork mince, cabbage and onion layered meat pie. It comes out looking a bit like a lasagne and it has tomato sauce (passata) through it. As a result of these ingredients, it happens to be extremely tasty.  Travel Bug wouldn’t mind having it for dinner when he gets back home to Wales. He must ask his humans about that…

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TTB xx