‘While on a trip to Istanbul, The Travel Bug spent some time flying around the city, looking for his fascinating facts.  And they weren’t difficult to find…’


Continental Divide

Istanbul is THE ONLY CITY ON EARTH that sits in two different continents.  The city is split by the mighty Bosphorus River and straddles both Asia and Europe.

Travel Bug couldn’t quite believe this and thought the local bugs were telling him stories.  But he Googled it and found out it was totally true.

Icy River

The Bosphorus River froze over in 1954. It was so solid, people were able to walk across massive chunks of ice to get to the other side.

Travel Bug never walks on ice, because he not allowed to get wet and he’s worried he’d fall in.  He watches Ice Road Truckers…he knows what can happen when you’re least expecting it.

Hercule Poirot

Queen of Crime writers, Agatha Christie, wrote ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ at the Pera Palas Hotel in the city.  Travel Bug recently went to see the movie at the cinema with his humans and has asked for the DVD for Christmas.

He hoped that the movie might have some Istanbul scenery in it, but it didn’t.  Instead, it was full of freezing snow and mountains.   Travel Bug much preferred the sun in Turkey.

Do you have any fascinating facts about Istanbul to share with The Travel Bug?