‘Visiting Poland, like any travel excursion you do, is worth planning for. There’s plenty to see and do as well as there being plenty of significant history attached to the country. So if you’re making a trip to this country soon, here are a few things to see and do in Poland…’


Visit Auschwitz

The town of Oswiecim will forever be known unfortunately for the horrors of Auschwitz and the Holocaust, deadly extermination of millions of innocent people at the hands of the Nazis. Predominantly Jews, religion was obliterated because of one man’s views on race and the perfect race was not that of Jewish people.

Visiting Auschwitz should be on your bucket list to see but not for somewhere where you take photos or selfies. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what has happened there and to pay your respects for all those that have lost their lives. Unfortunately, it’s often treated as an amusement park or a place as tourists to take photos. So if you go, try to keep your phones switched off and your cameras stored away.

Do Some Sight-Seeing Tours

With any city or country that you visit, as you’re new, it’s good to make use of the local transport. There’s plenty of tour operators and public transport to use whilst in Poland. The Krakow tours are a great place to start and if you’re focusing on a certain part of Poland, then be sure to do your research beforehand to see where the best tours take you and what to expect. These sight-seeing tours don’t tend to cost a lot but are a wonderful way to see the spots that the local tour guide would recommend.

Visit Warsaw Old Town

If you love period features and seeing the most quaint architecture, then a trip to Warsaw Old Town is certainly one to have on your to-do list. With cobblestoned alleyways and medieval buildings, these were reconstructed after the events of the second world war. Therefore, it’s quite a historic thing to see and to realize that this was built during the mindset and aftermath of what was a terrible time for Poland. It’s certainly a very beautiful place to come with a lot of upmarket restaurants and the royal castle, of course.

The Crooked Forest

If exploring nature is more your thing, then you really don’t want to miss out on the Crooked Forest. Many have tried to explain the reason for why all the trees are like the way they are, but they’re all identically bent at the stump. This makes for quite a weird and wonderful sight and one that’s quite unique as a natural phenomenon that doesn’t have a definitive explanation. It’s certainly a wonderful sight that’s deserving of a few photographs from yourself.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Poland. So make sure you have a bucket list at the ready and don’t forget to try plenty of the local delicacies that they have on offer.


Suz xx