‘The Travel Bug enjoys a good jaunt around his home nation of Scotland and he decided to take a closer look at Ailsa Craig…’

When TB’s human was busy working on the West Coast, he flew off to check out one of Scotland’s most recognisable landmarks; Ailsa Craig. This is what he found out from the birdies that live there…


The best curling stones in the world are made from Ailsa Craig granite. All 64 stones used in the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 were produced with the Scottish stone.

Travel Bug knows that Scottish curling stones are the best, but he can’t lift them up because they’re rather heavy for little bugs…

Speed Bonnie Boat

Ailsa Craig lies halfway between Glasgow and Belfast, off the West coast of Scotland. The massive rock is only accessible by boat…unless you can fly, obviously…


The UKs 3rd largest gannetry is on Ailsa Craig and it’s a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.  It houses more than 73,000 breeding sea birds.

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