‘Travel Bug spent the weekend ‘splorin’ his own back yard in North Wales. These are the fascinating facts about St Asaph he uncovered on his trip…

St Asaph is a small city in northeast Wales, UK. It’s a gorgeous place, with lots to see and do.

St Asaph Cathedral

St Asaph is the smallest Cathedral in the UK. It dates back more than 14,00 years and is teeny compared to the other cathedrals Travel Bug has been in.  The cathedral was actually built by St Kentigern, from Scotland, but turned over to St Asaph when Kentigern returned to his native land. 

The First Welsh Bible

St Asaph Cathedral is the location of the first copy of the Bible ever translated into Welsh. For many years, English rule forbade the Welsh from worshipping in their own language. Only English worship was permitted, so Welsh people were unable to access the text in their mother tongue. The first Welsh version of the New Testament was not produced until 1567. The full Bible wasn’t translated into Cymraeg until William Morgan took on the task in 1588. The job took Morgan 10 years to complete.

Is St Asaph a city?

Yes, it is. St Asaph was awarded city status during the year of the Queen’s Jubilee. It is the second smallest city in the UK. In fact, the city that beats it is also in Wales. St David’s in southwest Wales holds the title of the smallest city in the UK.  St Asaph has a population of 3,400, while St David’s is just 1,600. Do you any other fascinating facts about St Asaph to share with Travel Bug? 

Travel Bug xx