Instead of dreading New Year as a single person, why not take advantage of all the fun you can have??

New Year is a time when everyone’s making plans with their SOs and talking about what the coming years bring. As a single, it can be depressing when you don’t want all that commitment. For a single, New Year can be a bind, but it needn’t be. This is how you can hook up on NYE


Gyms and parks are filled with people trying to get in a final workout before the bells. Hit up a class or go for a run and see who you can bump into when you’re out. You never know where it could lead later on…

Local Pub

Unless you’ve dated everyone in your local, there’s always a party happening on NYE. Go in, mingle and see what the evening brings.

City Centre Celebrations

If you live in a small town, you might have a few things on but the best bet for finding some no-strings fun is in your closest city. There’s always a huge party on in major cities and that means lots of other singles on the streets, enjoying the festivities, trying to keep warm…


Try something new, grab some friends and head somewhere you haven’t been before. This gives you a whole new set of people to interact with and more guys to offer you a drink or two!

Friend’s House Parties

There’s always someone you know (whether well or not) who has a wild house party on NYE. Get yourself along and mix with new people. You never know who will be there looking for a bit of fun.

Liquor Store

Before you hit up that house party, you’ll need to grab a bottle at the liquor store. On NYE, they’re filled with cute singles doing the same thing.  Browse more than the champagne and strike up a conversation.

Throw your own party!

If you can’t find a cool house party, why not throw your own? BUT, make the rule of attendance the condition that your guests bring along a friend you don’t know.

Eat Out

You might want to stay away from McDonald’s, but why not head to a nice local restaurant and have some food? While you’re there, get up and walk around. If you bump into someone in the coat check or on the way to the bathroom, strike up a conversation. It might lead to being invited to join a group. Take a chance.

Adult Dating Sites

Why not sign up for an adult dating site and find someone to have some naughty fun with on NYE?? Get yourself on to and start browsing cute singles.

Search for a Singles Only Party

If you want to take the work out of your NYE, do an internet search for a local singles party. There’s no looking for wedding rings and making awkward conversation when everyone in the room is there for the same reason.

Suz xx