Travel plans can happen at any time during the year, especially when you’ve been struck by the travelling bug. This is a guide for packing for your next all-inclusive vacation… 

For many, all-inclusive is one of the top choices. With accommodation, food, drink, some activities and entertainment provided in the cost, it can be fantastic value for money. It can be easy to get caught up in the planning and research involved with booking an all-inclusive getaway.  This can lead to forgetting about the important essentials you should be including in your suitcase.

Once you’ve saved, booked and planned your holiday, there are numerous things you should be thinking about when it’s time to pack. Have a look at some of the top essentials you need and get packing for your next all-inclusive vacation: 


Not many will consider paperwork at the top of a packing guide. However, paperwork is the main requirements for ensuring the smooth running of your trip. You need to be on top of your documentation and have it to hand throughout your vacation. This doesn’t mean you need to take it to the beach, but make sure you keep it somewhere secure at your accommodation, such as your room safe.

Whether you’re planning a trip for a few days, weeks, or months, you will be expected to produce the relevant documents on demand. You can either have your document in digital form or printed and stored in a travel wallet. It’s best to make sure you have your paperwork organised a few weeks ahead of travelling. This allows you to source missing documents, check-in online or at the airport, and highlight any issues in advance. 

Paperwork you may need include: 

Passport and Copy – You most likely don’t need reminding that you need to take your passport with you, however, it’s worth mentioning that you should check the validity and material condition of your passport before travel. Some countries have specific requirements that cover your length of stay or 6 months, so it’s best to check what they are for your destination. It’s also a good idea to take a copy of everyone’s passport too. 

Travel Insurance – Travel insurance is one of the top essentials for any trip, even if it’s a local one. You should be thinking about sorting your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your vacation as this way you’re covering yourself if you need to cancel your trip for unexpected reasons. It also gives you cover for your trip for important areas such as flight cancellations, accommodation cancellations, any medical care needed, activities and for theft. 

Booking Confirmations – You should print off and sort out digital copies of your travel documents. These should include your accommodation confirmation, boarding passes, transfer paperwork, passport copies and luggage tags. 

List Of Emergency Contact Numbers – It’s always important to have a list of emergency contact numbers when you travel. You may not always have access to your mobile so it’ll be useful to have access to the numbers you might need. 

Visas – Always research whether you need to organise your visas ahead of travelling. Not all countries allow you to pay on entry. 

Suitcase Essentials

Packing for your next all-inclusive vacation can be challenging, especially if you’re packing for more than one person. Some love the activity and pack far in advance. Others leave it until last minute because they just don’t want to face the stress. Unfortunately, packing isn’t something you can avoid.  It doesn’t need to be stressful, though. With an essentials list and a little bit of motivation, it can be completed quickly and easily.

Some essentials you might need include: 

Swimwear – Even if you’re going on a break somewhere that isn’t filled with glorious sunshine, chances are your hotel will have swimming facilities.  Therefore, swimwear is an essential part of any holiday packing list. You will most likely need more than one piece to get you through your trip. If you’re concerned about the space you have in your case you can always wash and reuse a few essential pieces. Think about the activities you’re going to do and then decide on your style. If you’re planning on doing water sports etc. then you might want to take a suitable one-piece.

Cover-Ups – Cover-ups can include anything from sunglasses, hats and t-shirts, beach dresses, kaftans and kimonos. You want to make sure you have the appropriate cover-ups for times when you’re using the all-inclusive facilities, such as restaurants and bars. 

Clothing – Depending on your destination you may need to take different items of clothing. It’s best to do your research beforehand so you have an idea of what items you need. Think about the activities you’re going to do. How many evening meals you are going to plan? What’s the temperature during the day and at night? If you need to take a coat with you, you’re better off saving space in your luggage and wearing it on the plane. 

Shoes – Again, you need to research which shoes are best for your trip. If you’re planning on indulging in the full all-inclusive experience, you may only need flip-flops and sandals.  If you’re planning on taking part in activities and spending time on the beach then you’ll need beach shoes and trainers. 

Toiletries – Although all-inclusive holidays include some essentials such as shower gels, bath soaps and towels, you’ll likely still need your own.  Take a beach towel, general toiletries, makeup, sunscreen and all your medications. 

Can you think of other essential items you need to get packing for your next an all-inclusive vacation? Let us know in the comments.

Suz xx