Travel Bug has been touring Israel with his humans. While he was in town, he uncovered a few fascinating facts about Haifa…

What’s the most popular attraction in Haifa?

Haifa is home to the incredible Baha’i Gardens. The gardens, complete with shrine, cover 19 terraces climbing up the slopes of Mount Carmel. The Baha’i faith descends from the Muslim faith, emerging from Iran back in 1844. Today, there are around six million people following the Baha’i faith across the world. Many make the pilgrimage to Baha’i Gardens in Haifa during their lifetime on at least one occasion. 

The Gardens and Shrine of Baha’i is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Is Haifa falafel really that good??

Yes. Falafel is a staple food in Israel (and throughout the Middle East) and Haifa’s falafel is amongst the best in the world. Haifa is a popular university city, with a large student population, so cheap eats and street food is very popular. Local vendor, Falafel Hazkenim at Wadi Street, 18, cooks incredibly popular falafel and it’s commonly thought of as the best in the country. Travel Bug and his humans stuffed their faces full of it and can confirm it was delicious. 

Is it true that there’s a German Colony in Haifa?

There is. In the city centre, at the base of Mount Carmel, lies Haifa’s German Colony.  The area is located along Ben Gurion Boulevard. The area was set up in the late 1800s by German Templars and is now the beating heart of the city.  Haifa’s German Colony is one of the city’s best areas for dining and drinks and a lovely space to take a walk and check out all the beautiful homes.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Haifa to share with Travel Bug?


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