‘As someone who travels a lot, I find packing for my adventures pretty difficult. However, as I opt for comfort over everything else, my personal travel style is casual, to say the least…’

Spending two hours driving to my nearest airport, three hours in the lounge, and countless hours on a flight, for me, demands casual comfort. From there, I’m usually city hopping or on internal flights, so I have to be able to do all this in something quality but fun.

Location, Location, Location

Much of my travel packing is dictated by where I’m going.  In December, Les and I took a trip to Israel and Jordan, which involved a two-day stay in the wilds of the Wadi Rum Desert. We spent the night under the stars, sleeping in a little hut, praying we didn’t encounter any camel spiders. It also meant that luggage was a backpack as it’s *pretty* hard to drag a case through sand. This meant light weight trousers with tapered cuffs to stop the sand from getting everywhere (also, did I mention the camel spiders?). I found this khaki crop jumper loungewear set and these amazing khaki green cargo slim fit trousers were perfect for me.  Not only were they great during the heat of the day but they teamed up well with my trusty Skechers.

Walk on by…

When Les and I travel, we tend to eschew public transport as far as we can and walk. This allows us to get to grips with a city more quickly and find all sorts of cute and cosy bars and cafes that we might not happen up otherwise. We hopped over to Prague for my birthday at the end of January and spent four days pounding the city streets. As we tend to walk anything between 8-10 miles per day, my clothes have to be super comfortable. My cargo trousers and loungewear set were both. I was initially concerned about being chilly in the winter weather, but a chunky cardigan and my jacket were all I needed on top.

Travelling light

I travel light. I do this because I hate dragging a huge suitcase behind me on a cobbled street or overcrowded train platform, but also because we move around a lot. On our trip to Prague, we spent three nights in the city, hopped a bus to Karlovy Vary for two nights, and then headed back to Prague the night before we flew home. As there’s a lot of changing cities, there’s a lot of changing apartments and a lot of packing and unpacking. Doing this with a huge suitcase full of clothes is zero fun. Doing it with a few well chosen pieces, which easily fit in my 42 litre backpack is a breeze. Not only do I avoid eye rolls on the underground and bus, but my back will almost certainly thank me when I’m 50. Or 43, even.

When you cut down your available space, though, you gotta cut down on the clothes you take. This is where versatility comes in. Both the khaki crop jumper loungewear set and my khaki green cargo slim fit trousers were perfect for this. The trousers were smart and up to date for during the day, but could instantly be glammed up for heading out to dinner in the evening. This is a key part of my personal travel style and finding items that can transform between day and night is essential for me.

Day vs. Night

Don’t get me wrong, if there’s a restaurant I really want to visit, or a sky bar I want to have cocktails in and write about, I always have something appropriate to wear. When we arrived in Prague on my birthday, I wanted to celebrate at the terrace bar at the top of the iconic Dancing House. This meant packing something a little bit special. It also meant finding something simple, lightweight, easy to iron and easy to pack. I chose this beautiful wine belted bodycon midi dress, which fit the bill perfectly.  After all, it was a birthday celebration and even get dressed up for that.

Party dresses aside, I generally opt for trousers for nights out on my travels. This is mainly because I’m most comfortable in trousers than anything else. Also, sometimes I go to places that are pretty damn cold and bare legs can be kinda uncomfortable.  I found these uber-smart teal belted tapered trousers and instantly added them to my basket. They’re comfortable, light-weight and looked good with a chunky knit on a cold evening, or a lighter top in the cosy heat of one of Prague’s hip underground bars.

What’s your personal travel style?


Suz xx



AD / Items supplied by Femme Luxe