‘Travel Bug (and his humans) recently touched down in Israel’s capital city. These are the fascinating facts about Tel Aviv he’s uncovered while he was ‘splorin’

Why is Tel Aviv called the White City?

Tel Aviv is known as the White City because there’s an area of the city that’s made up of predominately white buildings (well, kind of an off-white…). The area is located between the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Ibn Gvirol Street to the east, Allenby Street to the south and the Yarkon River to the north. 

The White City is a designated UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. It comprises more than 4,000 buildings in the city of Tel Aviv. The area has the largest collection of Bauhaus/International Style architecture in the world.  

Is it true that Tel Aviv has a dog beach?

Yes! Hilton Dog Beach is a small area between the two other beaches, which is dedicated to doggos and their humans. the dog beach in Tel Aviv is a lead-free zone, so if you want some puppy love and somewhere to dole out belly scratches to the local pooches, you could happily spend a day here (or forever…)

Why is Tel Aviv called the ‘Miami of the Middle East’?

Tel Aviv has a reputation for being a serious party destination, hence the nickname ‘Miami of the Middle East’.  The city has a ton of nightclubs and beaches, which benefit from almost 300 days of sun each year. This makes it the perfect getaway for young holidaymakers looking to unwind. The only difference between Tel Aviv and Miami is, because Shabbat falls between Friday and Saturday (and Sunday is a normal working day in Israel), Thursday is the most popular night for clubbing.

Do you have any other fascinating facts about Tel Aviv to share with Travel Bug?


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