‘Doing a lot of travelling means I need stylish, easy pack and easy iron clothing. This is important whether I’m going overseas or staying in the UK. However, spending a lot of time in the car on a weekend staycation usually changes up my gear a little. These are my top FemmeLuxe staycation style picks…’

This cream high neck knitted dress is perfect for maintaining a bit of style during the cold Welsh winter! It travels well and is cosy enough to wear in the car without getting too hot when the heating kicks in. It’s also really comfortable, so I can fully relax on my way home to Scotland or down to South Wales without any trouble at all.  As it’s winter, I wear my knitted dress with black tights or leggings, ankle boots, and a black vest underneath.  When Spring finally comes, I’ll be able to switch it up and wear it with bare legs and some cute heels. The dress is quite long, so not short enough to wear with flats for me. I’m not tall enough to pull that off with any style.

Anyone who knows me knows I generally opt for comfort when I’m on the move. That doesn’t mean that I’m dressed in jogging pants, though. These high waisted tartan trousers are really smart and great for travelling. They’re also great for nights out when you’re on the road as they’re light and easy to pack. They’re neutral in colour, so can be dressed up with anything. I love wearing them with ankle boots as they’re a great length. With heels, you can show off the cuffs and still not freeze your ankles off in the current conditions. The added bonus for me, of course, is the tartan. Being Scottish, tartan is in my DNA, so I’m not allowed to pass up the opportunity to wear tartan trousers whenever I the chance. It’s the right thing to do. Plus, they’re not in your face tartan, so they’re nice and subtle whilst still giving a nod to my roots. I’m fairly certain you don’t have to be Scottish to wear them, though.

These slim fit cargo pants have quickly become my go-to travel wear. I already have them in khaki, so I got myself a second pair in black. They’re smart enough to wear with heels for dinner in the evening and casual enough to wear with my boots or skechers when I’m wandering around a museum or people watching at a city centre cafe. The cargo pants are easy to pack and have great pockets for my credit card and attraction tickets, so it’s an extra layer of protection when I’m out and about and the pockets have buttons to keep their contents well secured. I tend to wear these with a chunky sweater at the moment because of the winter temperatures but I’ll soon be able to go for something a little less bulky.

When the days get slightly less chilly and Wales starts to defrost, this black cold shoulder cut out jersey dress will be the perfect addition to my staycation style wardrobe. It’s so pretty and I’ve already got the perfect little ankle boots to wear with it. I love the thought of being able to get out of the car after a 3 hour journey and not look like I’ve slept in my outfit. Jersey is always a material I have a ton of for this very reason. It doesn’t take much work and it packs away beautifully with creasing. If it does crease, I can hang it up for a while and it’s ready to wear quickly. It’s the perfect travel accessory for me as I don’t do ironing when I’m away from home. I don’t really do ironing when I’m at home, either, but that’s just the way I am. Again, this dress can be styled up or down and takes all the hassle out of packing different outfits for night or day. All I need to change this up for heading out at night is a change of shoes and a pretty wrap. It’s a great double-duty dress and I love it. I opted for the black so that it was fairly neutral and I could then accessorise with a range of different colours to create different looks.


Suz xx


AD / in collaboration with FemmeLuxe