There are so many awesome things to see on the Korean Peninsula and loads of places to explore. If you’re thinking about jetting off to this part of Asia, then make sure you follow these 3 vital tips for visiting South Korea.

South Korea sometimes gets a bad reputation purely because of North Korea. People often confuse the two, but South Korea is genuinely one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries to visit.

Learn some basic Korean phrases

No one expects you to be fluent in a language you’ve probably never even heard of before. But, you should learn some basic phrases before you go. At the very least, bring along a phrasebook to help you out. I doubt you’ll have a full-on conversation with the locals, but you should be able to say please or thank you. This is more respectful than trying to speak in English all the time. The locals will know you’re a tourist, and they will like the fact that you’ve made an effort to learn Korean. Of course, if you do want to try and speak to people, then try a language app like Duolingo to help you learn as quickly as possible. 

Try and book a group tour

South Korea is a beautiful and unique country. It’s one of those places with lots of little islands that you can travel to. As a result, there are so many things for you to do and see. Sometimes, it can be too overwhelming to manage everything on your own. One of the best tips for visiting South Korea is to try and find some group tours to South Korea where you can see the main sites as part of a tour group. This brings more structure to your trip and ensures you don’t miss out on all the main highlights. Plus, as you’re with a group, it’s a chance to make new friends. You’ll also find life in South Korea a lot easier if you’re around people that speak your language. 

Expect some pushing and shoving

There’s basically no such thing as personal space in South Korea. The country is so densely populated that everywhere is packed full of people. The public transport system is amazing and efficient, but it’s always busy. As such, don’t be surprised if people elbow you or push you out of the way. They won’t do it maliciously, it’s just part of life there. People are used to it, and they have to force themselves through crowds all the time. If this happens to you, then don’t take offence – it’s normal. And if you feel like you’re stuck within a crowd, then don’t be afraid to make like the locals and force your way through. 

If you follow these three travel tips for visiting South Korea, you should have an amazing time. When you travel there from the western world, then be ready for a culture shock. It’s such an advanced city – there’s fast WiFi everywhere, for free! It can feel like you’ve been transported to a different planet but in a good way. For me, this is a definite name on everyone’s bucket lists. 

Do you have any more tips for visiting South Korea?

Suz xx