‘As much as we love overseas adventures, we also like exploring new places at home. When we travel in the UK, we tend to book our mini staycations with Groupon deals…’

Just to make it very clear, this isn’t a sponsored post and the mention of staycations with Groupon is purely because I use them frequently. We haven’t used Groupon for travel outside of the UK as yet, but Groupon UK travel deals are always worth taking a look at if you want some time away from home. I’m sure it’s exactly the same for every other country Groupon operates in. Simply sign up for Groupon account by giving your email and password. You will then be issued with a Groupon login and you’re good to go.


I never solely rely on my Groupon app to make my mini staycation choices. It might be the Scot in me (stereotype confirmed for this girl) but I like to know I’m actually getting a deal. When I spot something on Groupon UK I like the look of, I compare it to other online prices. This usually means checking Booking.com and the accommodation’s own site.

Prices – Weekend vs. Weekday

Although Groupon deals have some excellent prices, you do have make sure that weekends or the time you want to go are included in the deal you’re looking at. It’s not uncommon to click through a deal to check availability only to find out the Saturday night you want is actually £20-30 more expensive. This, although understandable for the accommodation to charge premium rates at weekends, can make the difference between a budget break and…well not one.


One of the best things abut mini staycations with Groupon deals is the added extras. We recently stayed at Oriel Hotel in St. Asaph, North Wales and got a decent deal on the accommodation. In addition, the deal came with two glasses of wine (around £4 each) , unlimited use of the pool and gym and a full cooked and continental breakfasts. I pretty much covered my costs with coffee, to be honest.

Last Friday, I checkout out Groupon Manchester to see what was available within a three hour radius of our home in Snowdonia. We ended up spending Saturday in the Mercure Bolton Georgian House Hotel for an overnight for £59. This included double room, full breakfast, two cocktails, and the chance to sit in the heated pool and Jacuzzi until I resembled someone’s 100 year old Grandma. There was also a gym, but it was a Saturday and I’m not a monster. 

New Places

One of the best things about staycations with Groupon deals is that we tend to go places we wouldn’t normally go. I haven’t been to Bolton for many years and it’s not usually on my radar. When I saw Bolton Mercure pop up on the list of hotels and accommodation on Groupon Manchester, I clicked to see what was on offer. And that was the end of that. We hit the road on Saturday morning and headed off to do some exploring. Even if the weather’s bad (which it was), there’s always something to see and do wherever you go. For us, it was a few stops on the way to Bolton and dinner out at a lovely local pub. Sometimes, it’s just nice to get away from your usual surroundings.

Current Groupon Deals

There are some amazing deals on Groupon UK and they’re always being refreshed and updated. Obviously, there are far more deals available in the major cities across the UK than in rural areas. However, you can interrogate the site by choosing ‘map view’ and starting your search from there. On top of the great deal we got for St Asaph and Bolton, these are a few of the other deals on offer at present:

Acqua Beach, Weymouth – from £49

Double Tree Hilton, Southampton – from £69

The Victoria House B&B, Crieff – from £49

Mercure Chester Abotts Well Hotel, Chester – from £59

Friars Carse Hotel, Dumfries – from £79

Sheldon Park Hotel, Dublin (with flights) – from £89

Alternatives to Groupon Deals

Although we often find our Groupon deals via the site or app, it’s not the only option. Other discount sites, like LivingSocial and Wowcher offer deals along the same lines. It’s also worth checking out the travel sections of MoneySavingExpert and Quidco for various cash back offers. 

Have you booked a staycation with the Groupon app or any other site?


Suz xx