‘With Easter coming around the corner quickly, it’s time to dust off my arms and legs and climb out of my winter clothes. Hello, Spring in Wales!

Well, OK, maybe not.  In North Wales (and the south, come to think of it), it pretty much feels like Winter is going to last forEVER. It’s not even just the cold – we could deal with that – it’s the rain. And the mass flooding. And public transport cancellations.  And…well, I could go on. We’ve been experiencing some of the worst weather in decades and it shows no sign of slowing up.  However, that doesn’t mean I can’t plan…

Hubby and I are booked up to spend the long Easter weekend with my parents in beautiful Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I’ve been deciding what I want to take (weather permitting) for the Spring break. This is what I’ve got lined up, so far:

Navy Mini-Dress Two Ways

The navy mini-dress is something I’ve had my eye on for a while. I love the fact it looks like one of my husband’s shirts. His don’t have the big splits, though…  If the weather breaks and the skies clear a little, I can wear this with heels for lunch or dinner out with my family. If the weather gives us the same miserable crap it has been for the past few weeks, I can change it up. Should I be rainy and cold, I’ll be matching this with navy leggings or tights and my knee-high navy leather boots. That way, I can still wear the dress but won’t have to freeze to death in South Wales in order to do so.

Black Glitter One Shoulder Dress

OK, there’s probably no way I can change this one up as it’s just too glam to dress down. This black glitter one-shoulder dress begs to be worn with sky-high heels and very little else and no amount of miserable Welsh weather is going to change that. I hope I can wear it out with Les, but we’ll have to see what’s in store over the Easter weekend. I already have this dress in the regular black and it’s honestly so comfortable. It’s got a bit of give with the ruching, so you can eat with it on without worrying about splitting it! It’s probably just me that worries about that kind of thing, anyway.

Cut Out Shoulder Jersey Dress

I already have this jersey dress in black and it’s one of the cutest dresses I have. Being someone who usually opts for comfort over everything, this has become one of my travel staples. It’s easy to wear, easy to pack, and needs minimal ironing and fuss. I love the shoulder cut out, which sets it apart from other, similar dresses. It also gives it a bit more glam than your run of the mill weekend dress. I love being able to style this up or down, depending on where I’m off to and it looks good either way. I love it with knee-high boots or ankle boots.

Another Cut Out Shoulder Jersey Dress

Yep, I’m a creature of habit. After wearing the black dress and then ordering the khaki, it was time to indulge a third time and get the grey jersey dress. There was no good reason NOT to get it and I knew it’d be just a pretty as the other two. When you’re on to a good thing, there’s no reason to change. As they say, if it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Due to the colour of the dress, I’ve actually been wearing it with my Skechers and bare legs (quite an achievement in the Welsh winter). It’s a great way to change the style of the dress and keep it casual if I’m out at the local coffee house or in town doing a spot of shopping.


Suz xx



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