‘At the beginning of the Coronavirus, pandemic the matter quickly got out of control. The Australian government had to issue a notice to cancel all flights and other travel bookings immediately…’

As a result, the coronavirus pandemic has decimated almost every possible travel and transportation business related to air travel, car rental, or campervan motorhomes also. But now the situations are in control to some extent and there is good news for travellers & tourists that Campervan companies have decided to come back with new ideas and safety guidelines regulated by the Australian government. Now you can book an appointment and hire Campervan rental Melbourne easily to convert your travel plans into adventurous reality.

Now the situation is under control & Campervan companies are specializing in creating tiny safe homes on wheels for their customers. This lifestyle has been greatly appreciated on social media with approximately seven million hashtags relating to campervan life on Instagram alone. The demand for Campervans booking has increased greatly in recent days. During the coronavirus pandemic, where car sales and travel-related businesses have been losing profits, campervans have been bucking the trend with a steady increase in the demand for camper RVs. The reasons are surprisingly straightforward:

Personal & Reliable:

Campervans are personal & totally reliable for those who want privacy and flexible ways to travel and enjoy their journey. Campervan rentals are granting freedom from quarantine by following all quarantine procedures & regulations applicable while travelling. So, this is the major reason, there has been an increase in customer interest since post lockdown. Customers need a private place where they can spend quality time with their family while traveling to Melbourne, so Campervan providers have been noticed to uptick in customer demands by providing them prebuilt converted vans post-Covid 19. 

Flexible & Spacious:

Renting a Campervan for Melbourne can be very flexible & scalable for travellers. These vans are like a motorhome which provides living space for spending quality time with family and friends. You don’t have to worry about kitchen & living valuables, campervan provides whole facilities separately for travellers who hire vans. 

Freedom of Choice:

As people know that safety should be the major priority, nobody prefers to take a flight to travel from Melbourne to another destination. Many people just want their own van sooner. Campervans are the most reliable & safe option to book and travel from Melbourne. It offers you freedom of choice to stop the van in the middle of the journey and enjoy the view of nature effectively. It is the safest & most customizable option for those who want a spacious & comfortable place to spend quality time. 

Safety Priority:

As Campervan rentals follow government guidelines, they allow only three people at a time. This creates more space & flexibility for social distancing. According to the CEO of Freedom Vans, their focus on safety priorities also follows social distancing at their workplace. These safety guidelines also help them to handle the pandemic & keep their campervans well-equipped for travellers. This means booking Campervans post-Covid-19 will provide complete safety, whether it is related to your life or your personal belongings.

Why should Campervans be preferred for Melbourne roadtrips?

Melbourne is one of the most hilarious places & also known for the coastal capital of the state of Victoria, It is the best place to get a campervan to hire Melbourne to enjoy coastal caravan drives like the Great Ocean Road. Hiring a campervan will help you to explore Geelong – a thriving waterfront precinct that marks the eastern edge of The Great Ocean Road. There are tons of natural attractions to visit and explore with the help of your own campervan rental.

We know that Melbourne is slowly emerging from the corona pandemic, but we still have to take care of our safety. To help, campervans companies have taken steps to provide you a safe, private, flexible, comfortable & spacious wheelie home & offer basic freedom of movement to make your journey remarkable.


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