Lockdown life has been…interesting, to say the least. For me, although I’m a key worker, even my office wear has changed from smart casual to casual casual…

While I used to be customer facing (no customers are allowed into the office at present) and decked out in cute little dresses and boots, I’m now arriving at work in trousers and tops I’d only ever have been seen in on my weekends off.

To be honest, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. And while my work wardrobe is getting a rest, I’ve been veering towards total comfort at home and at work. These are my current go-to outfits.

Black Oversized Loungewear Set with Leggings

This boxy loungewear set is my idea of heaven. Not only is it appropriate to wander around the garden when I’m watering my plants or tending toy veggie garden, it’s also great for chilling out binge-watching Modern Family (my current love).

The leggings are so comfy and who doesn’t love an oversized tee for getting crisp crumbs down? No one, that’s who. This comes in several pretty colours and pink is next in my wish list.

Wine Loungewear Set

I adore this wine two piece loungewear set. It’s a beautiful colour and fits like a dream. It’s super comfortable for pottering around the house and, I’m not ashamed to admit, I kept it on yesterday as I did a quick run to the village store to grab a bottle of wine.

Although it’s billed as a loungewear set, it’s a cute joggers and long sleeve top set that’s perfect for running errands around town. Well, for me, anyway, although I readily admit to having very little shame when it comes to picking up stuff at my local store.

Khaki Loungewear Tracksuit Set

So, when I said I loved the wine loungewear set, I really meant it. I liked it so much, I ordered a similar two piece jogger set in khaki. Because you can NEVER have too much of a good thing in my opinion.

As with its brightly coloured friend, the set is stretchy, forgiving (see previous comments about crisps….) and, as it comes with a matching top, you never have to raid your wardrobe looking for something that doesn’t make you look like you have zero concept of colour coordination. It’s a busy woman’s dream.

Oversized Hoodie & Shorts Set

Now that Summer is right around the corner and we’ve had such a brilliant sunny end to Spring, I opted for this gorgeous oversized khaki shorts and sleeveless hoodie set.

Both parts are made of soft smooshy cotton and the shorts are perfect for relaxing on my deck. The hoodie is a great partner for the shorts for later in the day and into the evening when I’m eating dinner outside and watching the sun set.

Neither part of the set is too heavy, but certainly cosy enough for cooler summer nights outside next to the fire pit. The set is also available in fawn and I’ve already got my eye on it.


Suz xx


AD/ outfits supplied by FemmeLuxe Finery