‘Travelling through Ireland is one of the most captivating journey you could take, regardless of the time of year you book your trip…’

However, there is a particular time in which the real, ancient character of Ireland and the Irish people comes to life – the Summer Solstice.

What once was a pagan holiday marking the beginning of summer, since before Saint Patrick and Christianity, today is a celebration of the culture and roots that permeate the island. The festivals and events taking place during the celebrations of Summer Solstice might have changed slightly over the eras, but the core and meaning of this holiday remained unchanged.

If you find yourself in the deep of the breath-taking rural landscapes that characterise Ireland’s countryside, you will get the change to admire bonfires, feasts, singing, and dancing. However, celebrations also take place within larger cities, such as Dublin.

On the 20th June, wake up just before 5am to enjoy the view of the sun rising over the city. Then, after your morning coffee to accompany a traditional Irish breakfast, dive into a full day of celebrations and events taking place in various locations across Ireland’s capital. In the evening, make the most of the rooftop bars to enjoy the last rays of sunshine illuminating the city until almost 10pm.

Originally celebrated as the beginning of summer and the day to pray for abundant crops and harvests, today the Summer Solstice is still one of the most anticipated holidays of the years. Don’t miss out on this event and start planning your trip through the Celtic heart of Ireland through the information below!



The Celtic Summer Solstice

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