‘Femme Luxe has, luckily for me, introduced some fantastic loungewear recently and it’s the perfect way to chill out at home during lockdown…’

Living in Wales, the lockdown is very much still in full force for us. Despite working full time, there’s not a great deal else to do when I get home in the evening.  Me and my husband are in the midst of a huge garden makeover and, when I’m not working outside, I’m in watching Netflix, working out, or reading.  These days, though, at least I’ve got the right clothing for it all.

Rust Ribbed Loungewear Set

There are few things better, in my opinion, than chilling around the house, watching the latest true crime documentary, in this fitted, ribbed loungewear set. It comes in a range of colours and is a gorgeous shiny material, which hugs your curves but is stretchy enough to make it ultra comfy for pottering around the house.  It’s also a great choice for popping out and, I’m not afraid to say it, I’d have no issues wearing it to my office where I’m currently a lone worker.

The model wears hers with cute shelltoed shoes and I do too. Because why mess with perfection?

Black Ribbed Loungewear Set

Remember when I said there are few things better than chilling out in my rust loungewear set? Well, my love of the brightly coloured set led to me purchasing the same set in black so that I could mix and match. Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean I can’t switch things up a little bit.

The black ribbed loungewear set is just as smart and comfortable as the rust one, except that it shows up crisp crumbs a little more… Still, I don’t let that put me off. In fact, I let it make me feel bad and move from the couch and work out.  The bottoms from the loungewear sets are really well designed for yoga as they’ve got lots of give and they’re super comfy.  I’m even toying with the idea of running in them, but we’re having a current spell of torrential rain and thunderstorms so my workouts are strictly indoors at the moment.

Oversized Hoodie and Shorts Set

I adore the fleecy material of this charcoal hoodie and shorts set almost as much as I love the colour of it. The shorts have an elasticated waist so they fit really well and the hoodie top is sleeveless and is perfect for the start of summer.  That is, should I ever arrive in Wales. My plan for this set is entirely garden based. The shorts for doing the garden reno on good days and the hoodie added to them when I’m having a break on the desk at night when things turn a little cooler.

I’d probably also wear the shorts for running in the summer months as a departure from my long running tights. I generally find I end up with a completely brown top half from running in the sun in a variety of sleeveless tops but have milk-bottle white legs from always having them covered. It’s an odd look and this set might well be the key to getting some sun on my legs while I’m running mindlessly around the Welsh coast.

Navy Loungewear Tracksuit Set

I already own this in red and khaki (I write this dressed in the khaki bottoms and a vest top), so it’s safe to say that I love it. When I find something I am truly happy with, I’m the kind of woman who snaps it up in as many different shades as possible. This way I know I always have at least one of them clean and ready to go when I’m in full lounging mode. Also, I’m never far from full lounging mode. Lounging if Life.

The navy loungewear set is a great all-rounder for chilling at home, in the garden, or as previously written about, popping down to the local store for wine. It’s also exactly what I plan on wearing for the 6-hour drive back to Scotland to visit my family and friends whenever lockdown restrictions are eased for both nations. I can already see myself popping into Starbucks at motorway services on my way home.


Suz xx


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