‘It appears that there’s literally no end to the amount of lounging I am capable of. Although I’ve never doubted my lounging capacity, lockdown has simply allowed me to live my very best lounging life…

To aid my lounging, Femme Luxe has provided me with the very best in stylish loungewear and casual chill-out clothing to stop me from being eternally kitted out in my mismatched pyjamas. These are my most recent picks

Stone Ribbed Two-Piece Loungewear Set

I adore this slim fitting two piece from the loungewear collection. It’s shiny and smooth and basically, it’s gorgeous. I own it in three colours, which comes as no real surprise, given the amount of ultra-comfy lounging I’ve been doing recently. Plus, if you need to pop into the garden to do some work, run out to the local supermarket to top up on your crisps supply (most days, to be honest…), or do some yoga to help you work off the calories from all the crisps, this is the perfect all-round outfit!

It’s so cute with shell toe trainers for a smart but casual look, or you could always wear it with comfy boots.

Rose Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set

This beautiful girly loungewear set is almost too pretty to get crisp crumbs on. Almost.  However, needs must, so I just wash it at a higher temperature to keep it looking good. The fabric is shiny and stretchy, so it’s got plenty of give and it looks SO much better than my old PJs, which mainly consist of odd trousers and a vest top that’s pretty much lost all shape. I didn’t say it was a good look, it’s just a look.

This rose set is one I genuinely wouldn’t mind wearing on holiday in a hotel and having the fire alarm go off in the night. Who doesn’t want to parade outside looking this cute? I’d still be up for that in the harsh coldness of the Welsh winter.

Beige Loungewear Tracksuit Set

It’s hard to be uptight when you’re wearing this or, to be honest, the same thing in any of the other colours I own in in. This is actually my fourth loungewear tracksuit set and they’re incredibly comfortable, as well as pretty smart. It comes in navy, khaki, wine, camel, and beige. It’s got elasticated waisted trousers with tapered legs with oversized cuffs. The top has a round neck and both parts of the set are stretchy and soft.

The good thing about this set is that you can team it up with so many other things. I often wear my trousers with a coloured vest top, particularly when it’s warm inside and out.

Black Cropped Loungewear Set

The cool things about this loungewear set is that you can wear it to lounge around at home, wear it out and about, or you can totally glam it up and take it out on the town. With your slippers it’s a cosy but cute at-home set for pottering around. When teamed up with your trainers, you can wear it for a day picnicking in the park with friends, or grab your red lipstick, your heels and your best handbag and take it for a night out at your local bar.

When the weather turns colder in the evening, a simple shawl or oversized cardigan will be the perfect way to keep yourself cosy. It’s great to have an outfit in your closet that can transform your look for morning to evening without any hassle.





AD / Outfits supplied by Femme Luxe