‘Now that it’s officially summer (even here in Wales…), it’s time to let loose and have some fun…’

Now, fun has different meanings for different people. I can have just as much fun at home, chilling on the couch with my husband, a scary movie, and a bottle of wine as I can at a swanky party, sipping Prosecco and chatting with random strangers. In fact, I’m going to say I have more fun at the former than the latter. However, I do like getting dressed up from time to time, so there’s always the need for a party invite. These are my new summer fun outfits, to get me through both situations.

Red Ruched Bodycon Dress

I love the vibrant colour of this ruched bodycon dress. It’s the kind of outfit you can’t possibly sit in the corner and hide away in. Well, you could try, but someone will definitely seek you out for a chat. One of the other things I love about it is the material. Yes, it’s body con, but this also means it’s got the joy of stretch. This is a very good thing if you’re at a party with a buffet. Take it from me…

Brown Ribbed Loungewear Set

This brown ribbed loungewear set is, to me, is the perfect lazy afternoon outfit. I can pop out to my favourite cafe, do a little shopping, and be completely comfortable the entire time. As with the stretch of the ruched dress (although way less suitable), this is also perfect for wearing when you’re having your mid-afternoon cake fix. It’s also completely appropriate, despite being fancier than my jammies, for kicking back and relaxing at home.

Black Bardot Cowl Midi Dress

This Bardot cowl neck ruched number is the perfect way to show off your toned arms and back after all those lockdown workouts with Joe Wicks, am I right? If you, sadly, haven’t been trying to keep up with the fitness instructor, the thought of wearing this dress might be the perfect way to get you motivated. Alternatively, you may already be one of those amazing women who know they can rock any dress, with or without the assistance of Mr. Wicks.

I’m not one of those women. Therefore, my cardio has increased tenfold over the past couple of months in the hope of being entirely comfortable in this dress. And I don’t do entirely comfortable that often. Not in fancy dresses, anyway. Wish me luck…

Black Cuffed Loungewear Set

And because every night on the town is inevitably followed by a Morning After, this cuffed loungewear set is the perfect coordinated suit for making you look like you’ve got it together when you’re at the local shop buying bacon and fizzy juice as hangover cures. No one will ever know you feel like death when you look this cute. Don’t forget to make sure last night’s mascara isn’t all over your face, though.


Suz xx


AD/Outfits supplied by Femme Luxe.