‘I blame Top Gear entirely. The much-beloved British car show (which has run for 28 seasons to date) is often funny, occasionally genuinely informative and a guilty pleasure for many has instilled an irrational hatred of caravans in the populace…

Whether they’re shouting obscenities at them on the motorway, racing them with reckless abandon, or finding new and inventive ways to destroy them, the gammon-rousing trio have made their disdain for caravans extremely clear for decades. Which is a shame. Because a caravan can actually be welcome and high-value addition to your household that changes the way you holiday. 

If you like to spend your weekends perusing heritage sites in North Wales, chasing down the perfect chippy in Scotland or even hopping across the channel to France and beyond, you may find that a caravan offers you the freedom and autonomy that you could never achieve when relying on hotels and coach tours. Plus, you’ll always know that your accommodations are pet friendly. Still on the fence? Maybe it’s time to bust some myths. Here are a handful of things that everyone gets wrong about caravans…

It’s too expensive

Not at all. Whether you’re investing in a caravan to tow, a campervan, or a fully autonomous Recreational Vehicle, you may find that a caravan is more affordable to buy, finance, and run than you expected. Especially if you use an insurance broker to find the perfect van insurance quote for your vehicle’s (and your family’s) needs. Indeed, by leasing out your caravan through a management company, you may find that it proves a lucrative money-spinner that at least offsets a substantial portion of your running costs. 

They’re cold and uncomfortable

This may have been true decades ago. But not only do most caravans made within the last 20 years have excellent insulation that can take whatever the cold nights have to throw at it, but they also have gas or electric heaters and some models also have underfloor heating. So you can travel in comfort (and dare we even say a modicum of luxury?) all year round. You can stay warm and cosy in winter while enjoying blissfully cool nights in summer. 

They only allow you to holiday within the UK

Veteran globe-trotters may be put off the idea of a caravan because they restrict their travel options to their home territory alone. However, this is far from the case. Sure, a caravan does encourage you to spend more time getting to know the treasures that lie on your doorstep. But there’s no reason why you can’t hop over the channel (via tunnel or ferry) in your caravan and explore Ireland or continental Europe in your caravan. 

Only old people holiday in caravans

Oh please! Caravans are actively enjoyed by people of all ages from all walks of life. After all, the idea of travelling with complete autonomy is appealing to just about everybody from adventure-hungry retirees to young families and singles. 

Set aside your preconceptions. It just might lead to some of the best holidays of your life!


Suz xx



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