‘If you are planning to start jewellery making business, then aside from arranging funds, you also need to have good resource suppliers. You can find many Australian jewellery supply providers around you. If you are new in the business, then you need to consider various points…’

Tips to follow:

Finding the right supplier can be a daunting task. Hence, we have brought together all these points that are going to help you to find the best Australian jewellery supplies provider in the town.

1. Search on the internet– One of the easiest ways to find the best Australian jewellery supplies provider is to search on the internet. It might take some time to zero down your option to one, but you can find a lot of options on the internet along with their rating and reviews. Moreover, you will also get information about what kind of products they supply. You can search and filter the options as per your requirements.

2. Look for a versatile jewellery supplies provider– If you are planning to start a jewellery making business, you would need a lot of things like clasps, chain, quality tags, etc. If you find different vendors for all these products, then it is going to be a time-consuming process; moreover, it may cost you more. Hence, it always advisable that you can look for the one who deals in all kinds of jewellery supplies. You can visit their website or speak to them to know about the range of products they offer.

3. Look for wholesale pricing– One of the key factors that you must consider is that you must look for a supplier who supplies jewellery at wholesale pricing. It means that you can get the product at cheaper rates. There are several wholesale Australian jewellery supplies provider, and you can surely find a good option.

4. Are they providing a quality product If you are looking for an Australian jewellery supplies provider, you must look for the one that provides quality supplies. With quality raw products, you are assured of getting a perfect finished product. Hence, adhering to the quality parameter is a must. You can ask for the supplies’

sample; it will help you in assessing whether the vendor can provide you the desired quality product or not.

5. Negotiate on pricing– It’s a fact that if you buy quality raw products, then you have to shell out some extra money. If you find a good Australian jewellery supplies provider, you can negotiate with them on pricing by placing bulk orders. Make sure that you talk to them and ask for a quotation. Hence, it’s wise to shortlist 2-3 options and then ask for quotations. The one who can provide a good product at better rates should be your final choice.

6. Choose a nearby vendor if you want to save some extra money, you must choose a vendor in your vicinity. This way, you can save on the shipping charges. Also, it saves a lot of time. So, while searching for an Australian jewellery supplies provider, you must look for the one located in your vicinity and is easily approachable.     

Bonus tip– Speak to them- yes, while talking to them, you should check if the suppliers you have shortlisted are professional in their approach. It will eventually help in building a long-term association with them.

Conclusion– The tips mentioned above can be your guide to help you in finding the best Australian jewellery supplies provider in town. Make sure that you thoroughly enquire about them and then buy the supplies from them.


Guest post written by:

Amelia Varley