We’re in the middle of the summer season and I’m delighted to announce that the weather has picked up nicely. In fact, it’s currently 23 degrees… in Scotland. I’m not even kidding…

I’ve been updating my summer closet with some some light weight items as well as as some not so summery items because well, I couldn’t resist, basically.

Grey Fleece Loungewear Set

This caught my eye the second I set my eyes on it. I realise it’s the absolutely wrong outfit for 23 degree heat but I had to have it. The reason I needed grey fleece loungewear set is because I live in an ancient stone farmhouse and it’s gets freeze AF in the winter. Well, no longer will I be wrapped in a scarf on a December evening now that I’m the proud owner of this smooshy two piece.

Pink One Sleeve Body Con Dress

I love this little pink one sleeve body con dress and I briefly debated also getting it in the black because it’s so unique and I know it’ll stand out. I rarely wear pink as I’m generally in dark, muted tones so this is a great opportunity for me to look summery in summer for a change. Who knew I had it in me?

Grey Marl Jogger Loungewear Set

In keeping with my often very casual style, I had to have a new loungewear set and this grey two piece jogger and sweater is perfect. I already own it in pretty much every available colour on the site, so it seemed a it wrong to leave out the mark shade to add to my expanding collection. I love the others, and I like being able to mix and match the colours from each set. They’re super comfy and great for running errands or just chilling at home.

Blue Santa Clara T-shirt

I adore the lightweight material of this tee as much as I love the pale colour. The blue Santa Clara shirt is a great choice to match with summer shorts and I’ve also been wearing it for yoga practice. It’s comfy, light and all round pretty, which is the perfect combination for me, to be honest. If I don’t end up ordering it in the pink, I’ll be very surprised.

Suz xx