I was recently contacted by press at Tesalate towels to enquire whether I would like to try out one of their innovative beach towels

I live on the Welsh coast. I am surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water. There’s a sea view from my kitchen window and miles and miles of stunning coastline to gaze at. However, although I’ve spent the past five years living in one of the most popular seaside destinations in the UK, I rarely spend time on the beach in summer. This is mainly due to overcrowding but also because of the sand. Wet sand, to be precise.

Sand, sand, as far as the eye can see… 

I love dry sand. I love walking along the beach and talking to everyone’s dogs while they leap around in the water. I love cooling off my feet in the water and I love trying to see if I can spot bits of Ireland on a clear night (I can’t, in case you were wondering). What I don’t like is taking sand home with me.

It’s impossible to avoid getting your feet wet in the sea and then NOT stepping in sand on your way back to the car. It’s just the way beaches work. Sand first, then water. While that’s great on the way down, it does cause sticky sand issues on the way back. And it doesn’t seem to matter that you only stepped in the sand with your feet, it will magically appear EVERYWHERE over the next few days and prove impossible to clean up. No vacuum is a match for Sand. I even have a brand new Shark hoover and even a shark isn’t a match for sand. Quite ironic, when you think about it.

So, naturally, I jumped at the chance of having a magic Tesalate towel that promised not to deposit sand all over the back seat of my car and then randomly appear in my hair and clothing. Towels don’t usually interest me much, but this did. I chose a gorgeous design in a double size so LT and I could share and waited for shipping.

Surprisingly compact… 

On arrival, I realised just how big and heavy the Tesalate towel was. I expected a towel-like material and was surprised to be touching a smooth, high-quality fabric that felt completely different from any beach towel I’ve previously owned. It came in its own draw-string waterproof bag and was way less bulky than a regular towel, meaning it was easy to pack in my little backpack.

When the Tesalate towel arrived, we were in the midst of some pretty nasty storms, so high tides, sinkholes, flooding, and falling trees and branches were a factor of daily life. I managed to sneak one decent afternoon in order to test out the Tesalate towel on the brand new deck my husband had built during the lockdown. I spread it out and, even in the blustery Welsh winds, it stayed put.

Quick-drying and crumb-proof

It rained later in the afternoon. I scrambled to grab my iPad, phone, coffee cup, and the towel and hotfoot it back to the house before we got soaked. The Tesalate towel got wet but dried so quickly and I didn’t have to wring it out like I usually would. When I read the packaging, I found out that it can soak up to 1 litre of water. Welsh rain isn’t quite that heavy, but the information was good to have because I’m Scottish. When Scottish people visit Scottish beaches, we’ve got one hand on our stuff because we know a thorough drenching is always on the cards.

I also found out, much to my complete joy, that the Tesalate towel is crumb proof. For me, this is a major bonus. I like to snack while I’m studying or relaxing with my latest murder podcast. When gently shaking the towel, snack crumbs fell right off. There was no need for me to dislocate my shoulder with the manic shaking I usually indulge in. This time, no Monster Munch crumbs were going to follow me back to the house. I haven’t quite made it to the beach yet, but if the Tesalate towel can disperse snack crumbs with ease, I have no doubt about its ability to rid itself of pesky grains of sand.

Check out the full range of Tesalate towel items HERE and read about their brilliant start up story HERE.


Suz xx