The heart will always long for something that excites. For me, vacationing is one of the best ways to ignite my inner passions. Going on holiday helps me reconnect with who I am. Through this, I can focus on my goals better and give my body, mind, and soul the rest they deserve.

Planning for a vacation is one of the biggest hurdles that anyone can overcome. However, I learned that we focus too much on making it grand that we lose the plot. Recently, I was able to go on a vacation after wishing I could go on one for almost five years, and now I have recently learned of options like Jettly on the market, I have many others planned. I managed to travel to a new country where I knew absolutely no one, and still had immense fun. Given a chance, I will go back there.

Let me share with you some of the tips that helped me plan the vacation successfully.

1. Choose your destination

Before you can plan a vacation, it is important to have a destination in mind. I always wished I could visit Paris, and this was my starting point as I planned my vacation. With a destination in mind, you will know exactly what to expect once you land in that place. Deciding on a particular place to visit also helps you prepare mentally for things such as any language barrier that may affect your visit.

2. Decide on your mode of transport

The mode of transport that you choose as part of your vacation plan will influence a lot about the entire trip. When it came to visiting Paris, I had the option of travelling by private jet, bus or by train.

I wanted a memorable experience that meant I could relish and that France and Paris have to offer. I, therefore, planned a travel schedule that would see me use all the available modes of transport to make this vacation a success.  I started with a chartered plane, then took a bus to my hotel, then and from there, I would visit different locations in Paris by train, bike, walking, or a combination of all. With each mode of transport, one thing I realised is that I could explore difference sceneries that just made me fall in love with Paris.

As you look to plan your vacation, consider all the transport methods available in the area you are visiting. It will make your experience even more exceptional if you focus on using the transport methods the natives of that place use daily.

3. Explore accommodation options

Accommodation plans will serve to heighten your vacation experience or make it one to forget. To avoid this, make sure that you take the time to research all the accomodation options available in the destination you want to vacation.

As I made my plans for vacationing in Paris, I had several options available to me. From living at a friend’s place to staying in hotels and even bed and breakfast options. I ran through each one of them critically and went for the last one since it was affordable and also offered me some level of privacy that I wanted.

4. Make a budget

Without a budget, your vacation plans will fail at some point. With the above factors considered keenly, it is important to attach an approximate cost to each. Research thoroughly and where you can find the actual price, work with that but also leave some room for any unforseen spending.

If you are looking to vacation without spending much or looking forward to saving for the vacation, a budget is your best friend. Use this budget to set saving targets that you can then work towards within timelines favourable to you.

With proper planning, it is possible to reward yourself with a vacation worth all your efforts this year. The tips above are adaptable to any travel plans that you may have and will help you plan your vacation successfully.


Suz xx