Buying something to travel around in is a fantastic idea if you intend to travel a lot in the future. Having a motorhome means you’ve got something to live in while you tour the country – and journey to other parts of the world. 

Nevertheless, these vehicles aren’t as great as they seem. In fact, it’s probably better to get a standard caravan instead. Why? Well, here are three reasons:

Motorhomes are very expensive

The benefit of a motorhome is that it gives you an all-in-one experience. You have a car and a caravan all in one place, so you don’t have to worry about towing. The problem is that motorhomes are very expensive. There’s a price to pay for this convenience, and boy is it a big one. 

By contrast, you can buy a used caravan for an absolute bargain price on some websites. It will still have all the features you need, yet at a much cheaper price than a motorhome of the same specifications. From a financial perspective, caravans are better. 

Motorhomes tend to lack space

Because of how they’re made, a motorhome will always have less space than a caravan of the same size. Let’s say your caravan is seven metres long. It will always provide you with more interior space than a seven-meter motorhome. 

Why? Well, the motorhome needs to make room for some of the car components. This includes the engine, driver’s cab, etc. A caravan doesn’t have to worry about this, which is why you get more space. Going back to the first point, if you wanted to get a motorhome that offered the same habitation space, it would end up costing even more money. 

Motorhomes are less flexible

On paper, having a caravan that you can drive around and not tow seems like a brilliant idea. However, it’s actually not all that great. You see, when you have a motorhome, you are stuck lugging it around everywhere. If you want to explore away from the campsite, you have to drive your motorhome. 

Caravans offer way more flexibility. You can drive to a campsite, get your caravan set up, and then use your car to explore the local area. It means that you can go to more places with ease, which is so convenient. Plus, if you are constantly driving your motorhome around, you’ll use up more fuel because it’s so big and heavy. Once more, this needs to be factored into the costs! 

Overall, it’s just a better option to get a caravan if you plan on travelling around a bit more. They’re more flexible and affordable, and you also get a lot more space inside for the price you pay. Motorhomes seem cool, but they’re only really worth it when you get the massive fancy ones. Of course, these will be ridiculously expensive – and the insurance on them will be astronomical. 

There is one caveat to this. If you don’t have a car that’s suitable to tow a caravan, then you’re in a tricky spot. You have to do the calculations and see if buying a new car and a caravan is more affordable than just getting a motorhome. 


Suz xx