South Korean Customs: What To Know Before You Go

‘Although it’s Westernised in many ways, ancient South Korean customs remain an important part of daily life…’ Falling foul of South Korean customs when you visit the country carries the risk of offending your hosts. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared before you travel. Orange/Pink Subway Seats South Koreans…

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Food and Drink: 9 Essential Eats in Seoul, South Korea

‘Korean food is a culture in its own right and, when visiting the country, it’s your duty (no, seriously….) to check it out.  These are 8 must-try foods to experience in Seoul…’

Gangnam: 7 Things To See and Do

‘The Gangnam district of Seoul lies in the south of the city, across the banks of the river Han. Gangnam literally translates to ‘south of the river’ and is one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Seoul…’

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