The Travel Bug @Sightseeingshoes

The Travel Bug

Hola a todos!  I’m The Travel Bug! I love exploring with my humans and spend a lot of my time stuffed in hand luggage with smelly shoes and sun cream. I like to dump my people when I arrive at my destination and fly off to uncover 3 fascinating facts about everywhere I go. I can be a little lazy sometimes, so I make them take me to far away places on the air plane or train.

My people insist on taking photos with me everywhere I go and it can be quite embarrassing when they pull me out of a bag in the middle of a crowded place. They’re pretty much shameless, to be honest, but they’re good humans.

I speak English and a little Spanish and I love eating and sleeping!  Hablo Ingles y un poco Espanol y mi encanta comer y dormir!

These are my adventures!  If you see me on my travels, come over and hug me and even speak to my humans, if you like.


Day Trippin’ UK

Roadtrippin’ USA

Asia, Australia, Africa